5 Ways to Make Your Day Better

Initially I had planned to put up a post featuring some snapshots from last year’s Melbourne trip, but then I felt a little daunted by the task of having to sort through the various photos, then having to compact them so that they wouldn’t take up so much space. Then it reminded me that I have yet to buy my own domain, and it’s on my ever-growing to-do list…

This is silly. Why am I getting stressed out what is essentially a hobby? Why do I impose all these deadlines on myself, along with a dozen expectations on what I should do and how I should do them?

So I’m taking a break from that tonight. And you know what I’m going to do first? Breathe. Inhale. Exhale. This is good stuff. I recommend it.

How’s your day been? If it hasn’t been great, hey, me too. If it’s going swell… well, a little breathing never hurt anyone. And since we’re all here, I’m going to share a few tips will hopefully make your day that bit better.

  1. Plan your outfit for tomorrow. Wear something nice. It doesn’t have to be fancy (although it certainly can be), just something that makes you feel good. It’ll make the next morning a bit easier, and you can look forward to wearing something you like.
  2. If you have the time, re-read your favourite book. Or just your favourite chapter. Tweet about a line from the book that resonates with you.
  3. Listen to this song:
  4. Fantasize about your next holiday. I’m dreaming about Disneyland in Anaheim, California. No surprises there.
  5. Put your laptop, smartphone, and any other gadget you have away for the night. If you still need to unwind a bit more before you sleep, find an activity that doesn’t involve a screen. I have a Sudoku book, and I work on a page every night. It might seem odd to exercise your mind so close to bedtime, but I find that concentrating on numbers (and blocking out all other thoughts) greatly relaxes me, and I’ve been having greater quality sleep.

I’m going to log off. I hope that your day has improved, and remember – breathe.

Rainbow Afternoon Tea at The Park Lane Hong Kong


Some time back I mentioned I’d blog about this soon, and so here we are. My friend Michelle was in town for just a couple of days. We hadn’t seen each other for maybe two years, and so we had a lot of catching up to do. With that, we simply picked the nearest place that would be reasonably quiet, given that we were in Causeway Bay on a Sunday, at the height of Pokemon Go madness, no less!


We ended up in Ebb & Flow, the lounge/bar/restaurant in The Park Lane, trying out their afternoon tea set. The place had an artsy vibe, and the service was really good too!


As you can infer from the title, the tea set was rainbow-themed.


The savoury tier, which also had foie gras on toast (far left). Not the pan-fried version, which would’ve been a sure-win in my book, but still nice.


The waffle on the left looks black in the photo, but it’s actually blue. I’m a little wary of food colouring, and it’s not like you can taste much of a difference between the green waffle and the yellow one.

I didn’t take any close-ups of the drinks, but from the last photo you can see some pretty coffee art on Michelle’s latte.

And that’s it! Another short and sweet post from me tonight. Still trying to do the whole “sleep early, wake up early” thing, and all I can say is that it’s a work in progress. Sweet dreams to all!

Window Shopping at Hong Kong Disneyland

Just a collection of photos from browsing the souvenir shops in Disneyland and Disney’s Hollywood Hotel.

ws1 ws2 ws3 ws4 ws5 ws6

“HULK SMASH!” “No, Bruce!”


Eyeing the Disney “mason jars”.


Well, I did buy something – this set of insanely adorable Tsum Tsum ice-cream pins! I’ll be sharing more Tsum Tsum content in a future post, but knowing how long it might take, don’t hold your breath!

Restaurant Week Part Three: Lily & Bloom

Lily & Bloom is a contemporary American restaurant situated in Lan Kwai Fong, Central… and really, you had me at the name already! (Yup, I’m like that.) This was where we had our third and final Restaurant Week meal.


The usual complimentary bread, with not-so-usual spreads: hummus and guacamole. As an ardent avocado aficionado, I affectionately approve. (Also, alliteration win!)


Oysters! Three pieces freshly shucked oysters, classic mignonette, and a homemade cocktail sauce. I love my oysters with LOTS of lemon juice and nothing else. You?


Slow-cooked market scallop with mango herb salsa and micro greens salad. Look at the size of that thing!


Lobster Mac & Cheese, prepared in a wheel of 36 months aged Parmigiano Reggiano with cognac, basil breadcrumbs, and three cheeses. So. Much. Yum. (Even then, it still falls a little short of the best Mac & Cheese we ever had, which was in House of Blues in Downtown Disney!)


Fried Chicken & Waffle, with coleslaw and watermelon. I can’t remember when this started, but for maybe the past year I’ve been obsessed with chicken and waffles. It isn’t surprising, really. Fried chicken? Yes please. Waffles? Yes please. Fried chicken and waffles? YES PLEASE.

In any case, I loved everything on the plate board, including the grilled lemon and the zingy coleslaw. The watermelon was a perfect palate cleanser before our desserts arrived!

And the desserts, oy. (More foodgasms approaching.)


Yellow peach crepes with cointreau-spiked peach and mascarpone filling, almond crumble, and salted caramel ice-cream. *eats spoon by accident*


Skillet chocolate chip coookie with hot fudge sauce and vanilla ice-cream. If you look really closely (and try not to lick the screen), you’ll see the little specks of vanilla bean in the ice-cream, and the sauce seeping into the cookie… Heaven.

Alright, we’ve come to the end of the Restaurant Week series! Hope I haven’t made you too hungry. Till next time (or my next meal)!

Lily & Bloom
33 Wyndham Street, Hong Kong
Tel: 2810 6166

Sovereign Hill, Ballarat: Old Gold Town


Sovereign Hill is an open-air museum (and theme park of sorts) in Ballarat, a city north-west of Melbourne. It’s got historically-recreated buildings to give us an idea of what Australia in the 1850s might have looked like, complete with antiques, machinery, and other paraphernalia of that era. (Here’s the Wikipedia link for more info.)


You can mine for actual gold, but I doubt you’ll find more than a speck or two.


Main Street. It’s no Disneyland, but it still has a certain charm.


Hope Bakery serves sweet and savoury pies! Bought an apple turnover for Mum and a beef and cheese pie for myself. There’s also a modern cafeteria off Main Street, where Mum bought a cup of coffee.


Gorgeous houses. I don’t think we were able to enter though. Oh well, happy to admire from afar.


Since Sovereign Hill is well, a hill, you can these stunning views.


There’s real livestock too!


If Mum had an Instagram account. #coffeeaddict #seetheworld


There probably weren’t any recycling bins back in the day. Just sayin’


Some of the activities that you could participate in include nine-pin bowling. No extra charge, but it’s quite popular and you might have to wait quite a while for your turn.


Ye Olde Fire Brigade.


(Singing) ~ Going to the chapel and I’m… already married.


You could also ride on a carriage, but it would cost extra.


Waiting for the mine tour, which is underground. Yes, we had to pay extra, and no, we could not climb that tower.


The mine tram would go down at an approximately 45 degree angle and the tunnel was PITCH BLACK. Even with the lamps at the end of the tunnel, the underground mines were really dim and it took some getting used to.


The show that we watched was a tale of two Chinese brothers. Yes, there were Chinese miners in Ballarat 150 years ago. The Chinese went to distant corners of the world for gold, and The Land Down Under was no exception.

Our tickets also included admission to the Gold Museum. There were gold nuggets, gold trinkets, tools for mining gold, and of course lots of history lessons, but the exhibit that really caught my eye was this one…


“Chinese Fashion Design Students Re-imagine the 1850s in the ‘New Gold Mountain Street Style’ Competition”. Apparently the costumed characters in Sovereign Hill fascinated the Chinese visitors and so Sovereign Hill had a fashion design competition to strengthen its ties with the overseas Chinese community. Interesting.


One last photo for the road: one of my favourite displays in the museum. Golden chalice, anyone?


臻 Zhen Restaurant Contemporary Dim Sum

Discovered this little gem while exploring Shek Tong Tsui… I was looking for this cafe that I had read about, only to find that they were closing for the day. But then I saw the the bright lights of Zhen Restaurant from a distance, and decided to check it out. So there’s always a silver lining!

We (Edwin and I) enjoyed the food, and the service was lovely. Two weeks later, we actually headed back with a couple of friends in tow! The dishes below are from two separate visits, so brace yourselves for the slew of food pictures ahead…


Lotus Paste Puff 籠相思


Foie Gras Spring Roll 鵝肝醬蝦春卷


Hand-pulled Chicken with Cucumber Salad 胡麻手撕雞


Fortune Golden Pot 黑松露燒金窩


Shrimps & Cheese Dumpling 墨汁芝士蝦餃


Signature Lobster Bisque 龍蝦湯蝦餃


The piggy and panda buns were new, so I don’t have the names for them.


Osmanthus Poached Pear 桂花燉雪梨

The words “fusion dim sum” might turn some people off, but I generally don’t mind giving fusion cuisine a try. After all, these days our palates are influenced by so many different cultures, is fusion really so out there? Also, I’m a sucker for cute dim sum. I especially liked the lotus paste “birds” and the lobster bisque “shrimp”, and the dessert was AMAZING. One of my absolute favourite desserts, and I’m usually a chocolate and ice-cream kind of girl.

Alright folks, till next time!

臻 Zhen Restaurant Contemporary Dim Sum
Shop C, G/F, Nam Cheong Bldg
48-52 Hill Road, Sai Ying Pun Hong Kong
Tel: 2811 2568