A Night to Remember


Finally got the pictures sorted out! The wedding day itself was such a blur, yet there were so many things that happened that I’ll remember for life. And it’s also a good thing that we had a wedding photographer.


Fake cake. What’s there to say about fake cake? Well, if we had opted for the real deal, it would have set us back hundreds of dollars (I’m talking SGD), and we would probably have had about 7 kilogrammes of leftovers or something. Still, if we should ever renew our vows, I would love to have my cake and eat it too.




When we do things our way, we tend to get just a little over the top. Why do one dance when you can do three? Our guests were definitely entertained. I think some of them weren’t expecting our “dance show” at all!

It’s already been seven months since the wedding, so I’m relieved to have the last of the pictures put up. But my backlog of “work” is far from done! Now I’ve got to plough through two weeks’ worth of honeymoon pictures! Wish me luck!


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