Dining at Cafe Landmark

Ticked No. 26 off my list yesterday. Edwin took me out on a surprise date to Cafe Landmark! I’ve been wanting to go there for ages. I can’t really say why though. Something about the place just seems so fancy. Well, the prices certainly were!


I don’t usually write about dining experiences (if I should blog at all),but since this is an item on my list of #30Before30, it deserves special mention. We had the two course set lunch. Edwin had a pumpkin soup and a linguine vongole. I had a tuna nicoise salad and a prawn and mango salad. Two salads for lunch! I had more vegetables in that meal than the whole of last week.

I think Edwin didn’t enjoy his lunch all that much. The pasta was dry and bland, which was disappointing. Lucky for me, both salads had the same tasty dressing. The texture of the tuna was lovely, and the fruit salad component of my second dish was perfect for summer.

Our lunch date set us back by around HKD660 (SGD110), so I definitely don’t plan on making this a regular thing. It was a luxurious experience though. 🙂

Well, now on to the other 29 things! Thank you for reading!


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