The Things Kids Say

“I want to go high up into the sky to see what I can see.”

This sentence appears in one of the books, and most of my students who use this book are around six or seven years old. The purpose is to learn the meaning and pronunciation of “high”. I usually ask them what they might see, and the answers are simply adorable.

“The man becomes ant!” (Kid must have imagined looking out of an airplane window.)

The first time I asked this question, the answer was beyond anything I expected – “God”, spoken with the sweet, simple innocence of a child. This innocence is so transient and fleeting, and it’s such a blessing to witness it while the little kids learn and play in the classroom.

Now, I may paint a rosy picture, but teaching certainly isn’t all rainbows. However, for all the difficult moments, there are also times that make it worthwhile.

That said, I really could use a holiday.


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