Walt Disney World: Our Magical Disneymoon (Part 1)

Happy Halloween! It’s the end of October! Soon it’ll be the end of 2013, and we’ll be looking at new beginnings all over again. I hate to admit it, but I haven’t been ticking anything off my list lately. Okay, let’s get back on track, and I really really want to share our experience honeymooning in Disney World last December. (Where has the time gone!?!?)

By the way, I won’t be celebrating Halloween in Lan Kwai Fong this year. Hopefully the opportunity comes around next year!

I am a huge fan of Disney. I love how fun and colourful Disney parks are, and how they make you feel like a kid all over again. That aside, we had a great experience in Disney World because it was so well run, and everyone from the hotel concierge to the drivers to the restaurant staff did their jobs fabulously.

Let’s start with our arrival in Disney! Edwin and I must have spent more than a day getting from Hong Kong to Orlando. First we flew from HK to Tokyo, then to Detriot, Michigan. We barely slept on the flight because travel noobs that we were, we wanted to catch as many in-flight movies as possible. Oops. We then spent around 6 hours in Detroit’s airport, where trying to get some sleep was a futile mission. Finally, we reached Orlando at night, dragging our grimy, jet-lagged bodies to our original hotel of choice, Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort.

When we first booked the hotel over the phone, we requested to have a room with a King-sized bed. However, upon checking in, they informed us that all those rooms were already taken, and so they transferred us to another hotel, Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort, at no additional charge. (All-Star Sports is a bit nearer to all the parks, and thus more convenient.) Also, there was no need to check in again, so they arranged to have a driver pick us up in a private car and he drove us directly to the block where our room was. Yay!



Our home for the week was clean and spacious, with cute little details like the towel Mickey. It’s quite bare though, with no wardrobe (only a few knobs to hang your clothes), no electric kettle, and no bath gel (only bar soap). But for a place to sleep and shower in, it’s decent. The biggest problem was that the water from the shower smelled bad. I read on a forum that it had high sulphuric content, but I don’t know how true that is. :s Anyway it’s still clean enough to shower with, but I wouldn’t drink it.


Dining in Disney was great! If you’re staying on-site, get the Dining Plan, and reserve restaurants well in advance. The food courts and fast-food style places don’t accept reservations, but these same places will have enough tables to seat everyone with a reasonable waiting time. You should definitely plan all your meals, and utilise every meal and snack credit wisely. We had breakfast at our resort every morning of our stay, except when we had the character breakfast at Disney’s Polynesian Resort. Generally, it’s a good idea to wake up early, have breakfast at the resort, and then reach the park 15 minutes before it opens, to make the most of your day. 🙂


Every guest will get their own “Key to the World” card, which functions as an entrance ticket, credit card, and more. You could carry nothing more this card into the park, and play, shop, and dine using it. Your Dining Plan is also linked to the card, and it can help you keep track of your credits.

Hopefully, that covers the basics. I’ll write more about our experience soon!


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