Cheese Fondue at Pizza Hut

I am not a food blogger. Partly because I can’t take good food pictures, or forget to take them entirely. Moreover, I don’t dine out that often anyway, and homecooked food doesn’t usually look pretty.

I am, however, someone who loves food. I think about food all the time. That can’t be healthy, so I try to think of vegetables too. And as I’m attempting to blog more regularly, I thought it might be nice to include dining experiences in the mix.

It’s funny how commonplace food photography is these days, what with Instagram and all. Instead of reaching for the cutlery when the food arrives, we’re grabbing our phones and cameras. From there, it’s a mad scramble, going for the best angles before the food gets cold.

This restaurant chain needs no introduction. Pizza was my favourite food as a kid. I remember going there for family dinners, and I would only have the Hawaiian pizza. Well, that was more than a decade ago, and what would I know of fancy pizzas back in the day?

It’s been a few years, and I thought, why not give it a shot? And I’m glad I managed to persuade Edwin, because our dinner didn’t disappoint! Disclaimer: Pizza Hut in HK might differ greatly from Pizza Hut in Singapore, in terms of the menu, service, and overall experience.

2013-12-29 20.25.59

There was a revamped menu, including salads, a range of starters, main courses, and fancy desserts. Oh, and pizza too. That evening, I was really interested in the cheese fondue, which was just the thing for a cold winter’s night. Hot and savoury with the right amount of cheesiness. Mmm…

2013-12-29 20.32.11

And the food to dip in cheese wasn’t bad either! The fries were perfectly golden and the popcorn chicken was yummy on its own. The toasted bread cubes and the penne paired perfectly with the fondue.

2013-12-29 20.14.41

We also had a smoked salmon salad. It was more of a fruit salad with smoked salmon slices draped on top. Very refreshing, and a good contrast with the cheesy carbs!

The fondue set cost HK$189, including two soft drinks, and the salad was $78. The service was efficient, typical of HK standards. A good meal overall!


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