Fish & Chick

I love fish and chips. The magic is in the fish. Crispy batter, moist interior… Throw in a big fat wedge of lemon and I’m yours, baby. Back in Singapore, I’ll head to Manhattan Fish Market to get my fix at a reasonable price, but there isn’t an equivalent here in Hong Kong.

Edwin and I discovered this tiny 12-seater restaurant while we were out on a jog, and booked it for our date night. They specialise in two things: fish and chips, and roast chicken, hence aptly named “Fish & Chick”.


The food was amazing! The unassuming chicken consomme was brimming with flavour, and hot soup is always welcome on a cold night!


Hello fishie! I loved the taste and texture of the fish and chips. I only wished it was bigger!


Our roast chicken was also gorgeous. Tender and tasty, and expertly cut, I might add!

Our dinner cost about HK$200, inclusive of soup, salad and drinks. Service was great, and we’ll definitely go back for more fried fish goodness!


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