Love Me, Buy Me Chocolate

With Valentine’s Day coming up, chocolate is everywhere! Mountains of brown goodness are springing up in every supermarket, and the specialty stores are on a no-holds-barred mission to sell you CHOCOLATE. It’s enough to put me in a chocolate coma till just before Easter, and then the cycle continues all over again.

How do you like your chocolate? I like mine dark and crunchy. Anything between 50% to 80% is good, though I wouldn’t say no to milk chocolate, especially if there are biscuit bits inside!

Since I don’t have hordes of suitors scrambling over one another to present their gifts of chocolate, the next best thing is to drag Edwin to Harbour City to go on a Chocolate Trail.


This perfectly captures the essence of my life.


There’s a few chocolate-inspired scultures on the ground floor. I’m not sure why lipstick exactly, but my weakness for makeup is pulling me in…


A number of artists participated in the exhibition, but I especially liked the pieces by Fulvio Bonavia. Check out the chocolate shoe!


A chocolate handbag is just the thing when you’re feeling peckish while commuting.


There was another exhibition, featuring the most surreal and psychedelic images. There was also a 4-minute video of butterflies flying in a swirl of candy spiraling to the tune of Bach. If reading the above sentence was a headache, it’s nothing compared to watching the video.


So… Did we actually eat any chocolate? Remember what the stores are setting out to do? We had samples at Fauchon, Godiva, Choco Choco, and Frederic Blondeel. The last one was especially nice. We tried dark chocolate with basil and strawberry, which was really interesting. I’m still on the fence as to whether to make a purchase, but I’ve got until February 16th to make up my mind.


Ended the day with dinner at Bologne, with a suggestive-looking dish of portobello mushrooms. Well, Valentine’s is around the corner…


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