New York: A City of Dreams

The Nanny. Friends. Sex and the City. Elementary. How I Met Your Mother. Blue Bloods. What do these TV shows have in common?


A place where people go to make their dreams come true, be it fame, fortune, or a burger.


On a cold winter evening, two more dreamers appeared among the crowds of New York City.

Heads-up: NYC is insanely expensive. You can save a little here and there with some planning, but accommodation, transportation, dining, and entertainment will cost you serious seashells. Our hotel stay alone cost as much as our entire Disney package. :S


It’s not cheap, but an integral part of the whole “tourist in New York” experience has got to be catching a play or musical. I mean, this is THE big stage that every dreamer dreams about! The choir girl in me will always be a Broadway fan. While in New York, we watched a total of three musicals: Chicago, Phantom of the Opera, and Wicked.


I’ve watched the movie versions of Chicago and Phantom of the Opera, and I guess they set the benchmark. While watching the musicals, I definitely enjoyed the songs, but the overall experience was a little jarring because some of the characters were portrayed quite differently than in the movies.


Wicked, on the other hand, was completely new to me. It’s a good thing that there wasn’t anything for me to compare it with. (The Wizard of Oz doesn’t really count.) When Elphaba sang “Defying Gravity”, it was so good I had chills of the best kind. So worth the ticket price!


On the bright side, shopping is relatively cheap. There’s Woodbury, which is like a mecca of outlet stores. In between shopping for ourselves and others, we were knee-deep in shopping bags! And then there’s Sephora, JC Penney, Macy’s, Kmart… It’s a shopper’s dream, alright!


I’ll leave you with a picture of some things I got for my friends and myself. I can’t believe just how quickly time has passed, and there’s some pressure to wrap up the series before next week, so wish me luck!


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