What to Wear to Vatican City

If you’ve done your research, you’ll know there’s a dress code to adhere to when visiting the Vatican. They’re strict about it, and you’ll be barred entry if you don’t comply. That, or you could purchase a shawl or two from entrepreneurial young men who hang around outside the walls. If you’ve always wanted a shawl with the Colosseum painted on it, then you’ve got yourself the perfect souvenir at a bargain price of 5 Euros. If not, read on.

We went in September, when the days were still long and hot. Hence I did this particular Polyvore set with warm weather in mind. Now that it’s cold and all, it really shouldn’t be a problem covering your shoulders and knees. (This applies to both men and women.)

While we were there, countless women dressed in sleeveless tops and shorts had to cover themselves with two shawls in order to be granted entry. In the long scheme of things, 10 Euros isn’t a lot. But it could be better spent on the world’s best pizza (which I’ll talk about soon, I promise). And to be honest, the scarves looked just awful and tacky, not something one would wear again.

Also, there was a teenaged girl who initially, was dressed appropriately in a short-sleeved shirt and jeans, but then took off her shirt once safely inside, then proceeded to take a thousand selfies while in her sports bra. Seriously, have some respect, kid! Want your abs to feature in your holiday photos? Go on a beach vacation.

I get that it’s unbearably warm, especially when trapped indoors and inhaling Eau de Tourist at every corner, but surely there are better ways to go about that than skip around a religious place in your underwear. Let me present a few alternatives:

What to Wear to Vatican

Speaking of holiday photos, since they are forever (and someday Sports Bra Girl may regret hers), you’ll want to look modest and chic, which is more than possible. Personally, I’m all about dresses and skirts, which I find more comfortable than trousers or jeans. Short-sleeved, mid-length/midi dresses in light, breathable fabrics are perfect.

Another option is to wear a thin cardigan over a sleeveless dress. Just make sure your dress/top has a modest neckline too. There was a woman who was stopped outside St. Peter’s Basilica and told to cover up her cleavage. Yep.

As for footwear, ballet flats with some arch support will tide you through hours of walking while looking great. Round up the look with cute accessories, and you’re good to go!

That’s it from me tonight. I hope you found this useful, and enjoy your travels!


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