Jamie’s Italian Hong Kong

Jamie Oliver has got to be my favourite celebrity chef. I started with Oliver’s Twist, which was more than a decade ago (!!) and I’ve been watching every other programme since then. It’s hard to keep track of whatever’s out there, but if it happens to be on the telly, then I’ll watch it.

Then in my teen years and early twenties, I developed a love for cooking… and a weakness for cookbooks. Right now, I’ve got 20-odd cookbooks, two of which are Jamie’s: “Ministry of Food” and “Comfort Food”. These two are also the thickest, heaviest, bulkiest ones in my collection. I absolutely love “Ministry of Food” and would recommend it to anyone and everyone. Someday, when I move out of Hong Kong and into an apartment larger than a shoebox, it would be a dream to own more cookbooks!

In the meantime, there’s something that doesn’t take up shelf space – a dining experience at one of Jamie Oliver’s restaurants. I got to try Jamie’s Italian for the first time in London (which I’ll write about soon-ish), and thereafter twice in Hong Kong. The most recent visit was just days ago. My mum came up on New Year’s Day and stayed for a week. I managed to talk her into trying out what she called “Jamie’s Kitchen”.

When I told her it’s actually called Jamie’s Italian, she replied, “But why? He’s not Italian.” One doesn’t have to be Italian to cook and feast on Italian food, which is good news for the rest of the world! Mangia!

We managed to score a table for two on Sunday evening sans reservation, which was really lucky. If you’re dining in a larger group/celebrating a special occasion/really eager to see what the fuss is all about, then I’d strongly recommend making a reservation!

20150104 Jamie Coleslaw

A healthy dish to please my mum: apple coleslaw with cabbage, candied beets, herbs, lemon, walnuts, and yoghurt. Actually the dish didn’t really please my mum, who declared it too sour. Admittedly it was a little heavy on the lemon, but I found it quite refreshing.

20150104 Jamie Mushroom Risotto

Mushroom and smoked mozzarella risotto. Amazing earthy, nutty flavours from the mushrooms, which went beautifully with the creamy mozzarella. We both loved it, and regretted ordering the smaller portion.

20150104 Jamie Salmon

Baked salmon with lemony ricotta, balsamic-roasted vegetables and a salad. Beware, the ricotta is incredibly sour on its own! My mum wasn’t a fan of the salad, but we both liked the roasted veg. And the star of the show was obviously the salmon. It was perfectly cooked and seasoned. 我們倆吃到美鏡。(Chinese saying which literally means we ate till we could see our reflections in the plates.)

We didn’t have dessert here as we wanted to have local HK-style dessert elsewhere. And with that, it was another lovely meal while out and about in the 852. Our dinner cost HKD270 (~S$46), not inclusive of tips. (They don’t have service charge, and the service was excellent!)

20150108 LKF

Mother and daughter #selfie to end a day of shopping and dining. Here’s to more great moments in 2015!

Jamie’s Italian
2/F, Soundwill Plaza II- Midtown
1 Tang Lung Street
Causeway Bay
Hong Kong
Tel: +852 39582222


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