Shopping at Hong Kong Disneyland

Who’s ready for some Tsum Tsum madness? Tsum Tsum, which translates to “stack stack”, is a plush toy that’s the latest craze in Japan, and it’s taken the world by storm! These little babies are cuter than cute, and impossible to resist! The rides weren’t a priority while we were at Disneyland last week (and the crazy long queues didn’t help either), so we spent a lot of time in the various gift shops instead, and started a little Tsum Tsum family of our own. I have a feeling that it’s only going to grow…


Aren’t they just adorable? Hong Kong Disneyland also has other characters available, such as Duffy and Shellie May, along with Woody, Buzz and the Toy Story gang. I decided to go with the more “central” characters. It took a lot for me not to buy them all! There were also some characters I was looking out for, but as of now they’re not yet available in Hong Kong.

Big Hero 6 Tsum Tsum

Big Hero 6! Aaaahhhh Baymax is impossibly cute!!! But alas, this collection is only available in Japan.


Chip and Dale Tsum Tsum… pillows? These are for our bed, and they’re so huggable!


The chipmunks and their babies. The mini ones are perfect for a small child’s grasp, and kids all over the park were holding one in each hand. The large ones are probably more popular with big kids like myself. :p

A mini Tsum Tsum costs HKD58 (~S$10), while a large Tsum Tsum costs HKD168 (~S$30). In a way, the latter is more value for money, but cuteness does not adhere to logic.


You sense a theme going on here, don’t you? On a side note, we’re going to need a larger refrigerator to accommodate all the magnets purchased during our travels.


Yep, even the cookie tin (containing chocolate chip cookies) isn’t spared. But it stops here!


Before the Tsum Tsum invasion, Disney pins were all the rage, and they still hold their own, especially with the sweetest designs like this one. Another collection in the making, perhaps?


The Pooh ears, which complete my Winnie the Pooh #disneybound look.


A bag that perfectly unites of two things I simply adore: Disney and nautical fashion. Now I can easily inject a little Disney into every day! This tote is poised to be my summer companion, although I won’t be able to wait that long!


Half bangle, half charm bracelet, 100% desirable. I don’t usually get bracelets as many are too large/long/chunky for my small wrist, but this one fits like a dream. And the tiny Mickey-shaped key is too precious.

Even the shopping bag is so pretty! I can’t bring myself to throw it out even though there’s a tear in it! Does anyone have any ideas on how it can be repurposed?


Here’s the entire gang! In case you were wondering, we had a coupon for 30% off everything we bought that day, so the total came up to a little over HKD1200 (~S$200). I’m in love with every single item, so it’s definitely worth it!

Also, we had three chances to participate in a lucky draw, which resulted in the three giant paper clips on the top right corner. I’d have loved to win a stay at the Disneyland Hotel, and who wouldn’t? Hmm… speaking of that, maybe I’ll start planning my next Disney trip. Christmas, perhaps? 😉


P.S. Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this post, Part Two is now available here!


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