Disney Inspired Outfit: Winnie the Pooh

In the week leading up to our Disneyland day trip, I knew I wanted to put together an outfit inspired by a Disney character, but I had no idea what would work. There were so many things to take into consideration! The outfit had to be:

– comfortable
– flattering
– weather-appropriate
– bright in colour
– inspired by a character I really like
– obvious without looking like a costume

It wasn’t easy, but finally an ensemble ticked all the boxes, and then it was a mad rush to get to the park before the crowds hit. (No such luck – we’re in Hong Kong after all!)


Sweater and tulle skirt from Forever 21, leggings from Uniqlo, boots from Rockport.


Magical moment of the day: when Winnie the Pooh got really excited!

Never mind that DisneyBound is probably unheard of in Hong Kong and possibly the rest of Asia, excluding Japan where they take dressing up to a whole new stratosphere. This Disney geek is going all out to have fun!

Anyway, I was playing around on Polyvore, and did a little virtual disneybounding again…

Winnie the Pooh Outfit

Similar to what I wore, but everything looks nicer on an inspiration board.

Winnie the Pooh Casual Outfit

A more casual outfit, also suitable for going to a Disney park!

Valentine's Day Outfit

Not a Disney inspired outfit, but Valentine’s Day is coming up and style-wise, it’s a great time for all things fun, flirty, and romantic. And as far as Disney goes, I might do a Mickey and Minnie inspired Valentine’s Day look, so stay tuned!


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