Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant 居食屋「和民」

Do you have a go-to cuisine? For us, it’s Japanese. We’re lucky to be surrounded by good quality, affordable Japanese food, and it’s something we can partake in regularly without breaking the bank. Watami is a restaurant chain and it isn’t particularly fancy, but the food is decent. With branches dotted all over Hong Kong, it’s accessible and convenient (because that’s how chains work).

Before the CNY break, we headed over to the Causeway Bay branch one evening, and tried their set meal for two.

20150207 Watami Fried Chicken

The first of our four (!!!) appetizers, the deep-fried chicken gristle was surprisingly crunchy all the way through, and not tough and chewy as expected of gristle. More please!

20150207 Watami Cheesy Ricecakes

Rice cakes au gratin – not the best representation of fusion food. Someone got creative and tried to “French” up rice cakes by adding cheese and sticking the whole concoction into the oven with fingers crossed. The first couple of bites were alright, but the dish cooled down too quickly and then it turned into an attempt to chew rubber. Rubber with a cheesy crust.

20150207 Watami Salmon Carpaccio

The salmon carpaccio, on the other hand, was an example of fusion done right. The term “carpaccio” is of Italian origin and is often used to refer to a dish with thinly sliced raw meat or fish seasoned with lemon, or vinegar, olive oil, salt and ground pepper. I’m guessing that this one had some Japanese soy sauce as well. Not as satisfying as thick, fat slices of sashimi, but still pretty good!

20150207 Watami Caesar Salad

Another typical Western dish, the Caesar salad here also featured Japanese touches. I can’t explain what exactly, but it’s just different. I love that they were generous with the croutons. The bacon I didn’t really care for – bacon isn’t awesome unless it’s crispy!

20150207 Watami Grilled Meat

For the “hot pot”, we decided on the assorted self-grilled meat, which came with a hot plate for a little DIY BBQ. There was pork, chicken, and beef, but I can’t be too sure (oops!).

20150207 Watami Rice

Our main dish was a beef rice bowl with hot spring egg in Tokyo style (whatever that means – I lifted the description off the menu). Hot spring egg is a kind of slow poached egg, and it’s always a winner in my books, whether paired with rice or even on its own.

20150207 Watami Okonomiyaki

Finally, we had the Osaka squid okonomiyaki. This was a side dish according to the menu, but it’s filling enough to be a main. Also, just look at that delectable duo of teriyaki sauce and mayonnaise. And bonito flakes – YUM!

20150207 Watami Drink

The set also came with two drinks. While I settled for boring ol’ iced lemon tea, Edwin had plum liqueur on the rocks, which had a nice balance of sweetness and that “kick”. Here he is being all smug about his choice of beverage.

Watami Set Menu

As you can see here, the set for two costs HKD296 (~S$52.60), or HKD258 (~S$45.80) if you use a HSBC credit card (which we did). This set menu is still available for dinner from Monday to Friday, and all day on weekends!

Watami HSBC

If you still have room to spare, the above items are available at a special price if you order the set using the HSBC credit card. Usually, I would order dessert, but we were stuffed from having so many courses that we had to pass on this one! Maybe it could be an incentive to work out more so as to work up a bigger appetite. #gluttonlogic

That’s all, folks. Have a great weekend!

Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant 居食屋「和民」
Shop B, 8/F., Lee Theatre, 99 Percival Street, Causeway Bay
Tel: 2865 9118


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