Kinsale Kennedy Town

As of yesterday, I have been working at my current company for exactly two years. Two years, can you believe it? It’s been an incredible journey, one worth celebrating, and so we (my boss, my colleague, and I) headed to Kinsale last night for an anniversary dinner!

Kinsale is located at the edge of Kennedy Town, near Fish & Chick. Its proximity to the harbour means it’s almost always windy, and last night we worked up quite an appetite walking in the cold! Luckily, it was all warm and cozy once we went inside.

20150311 Kinsale Bread

The complimentary bread was served warm, which was a massive bonus. The crust was perfectly… crusty? Anyway, the bread was pretty good, or maybe I was just too hungry!

20150311 Kinsale Arancini

I discovered arancini (stuffed rice balls) for the first time at Portobello, Downtown Disney, years ago, and they were amazing. Here at Kinsale, the sundried tomato and taleggio cheese arancini was also incredibly tasty. The little balls of wonder were served with beetroot relish, roasted garlic aioli, and a rocket and parmesan salad. There’s just something about food that’s crispy and cheesy, isn’t there?

20150311 Kinsale Chicken

For our main course, we shared a whole slow cooked, roasted rock hen, with honey roasted baby carrots, new potatoes with paprika and rosemary salt, bread sauce, and red wine jus. More sauce or jus would have been better, as the chicken was on the dry side. The rest of the dish was lovely, especially the potatoes. We loved how they were thinly sliced and beautifully presented.

20150311 Kinsale Mac n Cheese

It’s no secret that I love savoury cheesy food, and this mac and cheese was a solid side dish! The flavours were well-balanced and the cheesiness wasn’t overpowering. The bacon added a glorious smokiness. If I were feeling less hungry (“if” being the operative word), this could stand alone as a main, maybe topped with some greens.

20150311 Kinsale Peach Crumble

The spiced peach and pineapple crumble with vanilla bean ice-cream was a delightful tropical alternative to the usual apple crumble. Great for two (or more) to share!

20150311 Kinsale Black Forest

The “black forest” consisted of white and dark chocolate mousse, brownie bites, marinated cherries, and torched marshmallows. Aside from the white chocolate mousse which was too sweet, I loved everything about the dish. The dark chocolate mousse was perfectly bittersweet and the crumble on the side provided textural contrast. And the torched marshmallows? Magic in a mouthful. It’s inspiring me to get a bag of marshmallows and a blowtorch.

Both desserts were HUGE and as delicious as they were, we struggled to finish them. If it’s just two of you on a date, one dessert would be aplenty. (You could always get a second dessert in a to-go bag to enjoy back home. :p)

My biggest complaint about the place would be that it’s not well-lit at all. It may make for a romantic ambience, but it was a little difficult to read the menu. I had to use flash for all the photos, otherwise you’ll be reading comments accompanied by images of indistinguishable dark lumps. On the bright side (see what I did there?), Kinsale offers brunch on weekends, and it’ll be an incentive to wake up early on a Sunday.

Alright, eggs benedict, here I come!

Shop 2, New Fortune House, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2796 6004


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