Dining in Singapore (Part Two)

The Easter long weekend is finally here! What have you got planned? This time last year, we were in Taipei with Edwin’s parents, having a blast. This year, I’m just going to immerse myself in a chocolate coma, so don’t mind me. But before I do that, here are more of our dining adventures in Singapore!

The Coastal Settlement

Coastal Settlement

Had dinner here with Zhenbin. Very cozy environment, with a generous dose of hipster-chic as well.

Coastal Settlement Portobello Fries

Portobello fries with ever-awesome mayonnaise. A juicy, “meaty” alternative to regular fries. (Don’t worry potato I will always love you.)

Coastal Settlement Ribs and Rosti

Speaking of my love for spuds – tadah! Steak with rosti and broccolini. And roasted garlic! (Because it deserved a sentence of its own.) The steak was oh-so-tender and the rosti was perfectly done. And that roasted garlic!

Coastal Settlement Pavlova

The pavlova with passionfruit sorbet and mixed berries ended the meal on a sweet (and sour) note. I especially loved the chocolate crumble and the honeycomb bits. At least that’s what I think it is. Oh well, dessert is dessert.

Coastal Settlement 2E

How adorable is this mini stone lion? I should get a pair for myself, but then I wouldn’t be able to get through the door.

The Coastal Settlement
200, Netheravon Road
Singapore 508529
Tel: (+65) 6475 0200



The creatively named Poulet (chicken in French) has been serving up gorgeous roasted birds for an affordable price since 2012. I’ve dined here at least once every time I go back, and soon it’ll be in my subconscious mind that no visit in Singapore is complete without having poulet in Poulet. (My subconscious mind probably also consists of floating desserts and fried chicken and trippy images like that.)

Poulet Beverages

A-ny-way… I was here with my soulmate Natasha, who unfortunately was under the weather that evening. So it was the healing camomile tea for her, while I went with the usual-but-not-boring iced lemon tea.

Poulet Half Roast Chicken

Half roast chicken with lemon cream sauce. The sauce was a seasonal special, but hopefully it’ll be included in the permanent menu as it was très délicieux. The usual option is between a mushroom cream sauce or a cranberry sauce with mustard. I’ve tried both, and the cream sauces are much better.

Poulet Duck Salad

Natasha’s duck and orange salad.

Poulet @ Raffles City Shopping Centre
252 North Bridge Road
Singapore 179103
Tel: (+65) 6336 3119


Sakae Sushi

It’s a local sushi chain with less-than-spectacular sashimi, but the cooked dishes are fairly decent. Also, their menu appears to change with alarming frequency. Just don’t take away my favourite items, alright?


From left: kakiage (vegetable tempura), chawanmushi (steamed egg), and salmon skin gunkan sushi. However, these are all just playing for second place because my favourite item is…

Sakae Salmon Mentai


Ahem. So now you know.

Sakae Genmaicha

Even the tea is different. It used to be regular green tea, and now it’s been infused with brown rice. I prefer this one, so that’s okay!

Sakae Sushi @ Bugis Junction
200 Victoria Street
Singapore 188024
Tel: (+65) 63349015


Tony Roma’s

Long-awaited catch-up session with the AQUOS girls!

Tony Romas Bread

Complimentary bread with yummy herb butter.

Tony Romas Mozzarella Sticks

Mozzarella sticks with marinara sauce. Like I said, if it’s crispy on the outside and cheesy on the inside… you know the drill.

Tony Romas Onion Loaf

Onion loaf. Oh, my love of fried food knows no bounds. How I’ve waited to savour this tower of goodness… (Okay I’m getting quite hungry as I’m typing this.)

Tony Romas Potato Skins

Potato skins with cheese, bacon, and sour cream? So many delicious things on a plate, so many delicious things in one mouthful… I can’t even.

Tony Romas Potato Soup

Priscilla loves potato. Priscilla loves soup. Priscilla loves potato soup.

Tony Romas Ribs

Baby back ribs and some vegetables to make everything healthier.

We were so busy taking photos of the food that we forgot to have a group picture taken! Next time we should do that before the meal so we won’t forget. Also because when you put me in the same room as food…

Tony Roma’s
3 Temasek Boulevard
Suntec City Mall, Tower 5
Singapore 038983
Tel: (+65) 6337 9055

According to the website, there used to be a Tony Roma’s restaurant in Hong Kong, but it closed in 2012, and I’m still waiting for it to re-open. (Consoles self with HK-style condensed milk bun.)


Parting Bites

Boston Mussels

Lunch with my best friend Frances at Boston Seafood Shack. Mussels in white wine sauce, served with garlic bread.

Boston Ship's Wheel

Thank you Frances for the awesome ship’s wheel bracelet! Now my collection of nautical accessories is complete! Who am I kidding, my collection is never complete.


Mocha ice-blended at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Can’t have whipped cream and get away with it anymore. Sigh…#gettingold

Karaoke Lohei

Another lohei session, this time at my mum’s karaoke event.

Mum and Daughter 2E

With my gorgeous mum!

Nanxiang Soup Bun

Soup bun filled with scrumptious crab broth at Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant.

Pontian Fried Wanton Mee

My favourite Pontian fried wanton mee (noodles)!

Takashimaya Noodles

My favourite Japanese noodles from Takashimaya’s basement! Hahaha everything also “favourite”. The one on the left is with cheese, while the one on the right is wrapped in an omelette. But the cheese one really is my favourite. I must have this every time I go to Orchard. If I have a lunch or dinner appointment at some other restaurant or eatery then I’ll swing by afterwards to tapau (takeaway) the noodles back home for supper or something. Die die must eat!

tcc Affogato

Finally, salted caramel affogato from tcc. It used to be chocolate affogato, but I guess they needed business from the hipsters. Why must the menus all change every time I go back?

tcc Affogato 2

To be honest, it tasted pretty good. Alright hipsters, you win.

Looking back, this food journey was about more than just eating. It was about the people we dined with, the jokes we made while snapping pictures of the food, and more. This city has much more to offer than just good food. The past few weeks showed the strength and unity of the people like never before. It was a sad time, but inspiring, too.

So what is this place? For myself, and for many others, it’s home.

And that’s all it has to be.


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