Cheesy 7 at Pizza Hut

It’s no secret: I love all things cheesy, crispy, and savoury. In fact, as a child, I declared pizza to be my favourite food and dragged my poor family (including my cheese-hating sister) to Pizza Hut once a month. During my teen years, the quality got really bad and we stopped going. Right now, I’m re-discovering my love for pizza, and the standard at Pizza Hut Hong Kong is actually quite decent! I won’t turn my nose up at major chains, since good food is getting so expensive these days, and we can’t all fly to Italy to experience the best pizza ever!

Also, if anyone were to ask me what my favourite food is right now, I honestly wouldn’t know what to say. I like too many things, and I can’t pick a favourite! Fried tofu? Avocado? Ice-cream? Bacon? Salted caramel dark chocolate? Gaaaaaaaah.

Okay, where were we? Yes, pizza.

20150328 Cheesy 7

Putting the “7” in “Cheesy 7”.

We ordered a set for two, which came with the following:

20150328 Soup

Clam chowder and lobster bisque (the latter was an upgrade for HKD10);

20150328 Russian Salad

Russian salad (fancy potato salad in a crispy shell) and onion rings;

20150328 Mashed Potato Clams

Mashed potato with clams, which came with a cheesy-but-not-cheesy description;

20150328 Appetiser

Wait, is my heart supposed to feel warmer before or after? Actually, it feels the same, thank goodness.

20150328 Prawn Aglio Olio

Aglio olio with prawns;

20150328 Pizza

And yes, there was pizza too. Aside from the seven cheeses, the toppings included chicken, pepperoni, peaches, olives, parsley, and a mango mayo sauce. I loved it! The cheesy flavours might be overwhelming for some, but I think the pepperoni and fruit helped to create more of a balance.

20150328 Drinks

The set also included two drinks. I had the lime soda, while Edwin picked the yuzu-flavoured one.

It was a lot for two people, and we couldn’t finish everything. We didn’t even touch the aglio olio, and requested for it to be boxed up for takeaway. Unless you’ve got a voracious appetite, this set is probably more suitable for three.

Also, I just checked Pizza Hut’s website, and they have a new special now! Hmm… “Golden Lava Pizza Set for 2”. Honey, you had me at “Golden Lava”. What’s better than cheese? Melted cheese.

Alright, here I come!


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