The Spaghetti House

I love a good pasta dish. Cream or tomato sauce, cheesy, garlicky, with seafood, bacon, or just good ol’ aglio olio… Bring it on! The legendary Sophia Loren once declared, “Everything you see, I owe to spaghetti.” If that really is the secret to her famous figure, then we’d better get started. Mangia!

20150421 Lobster Bisque

Lobster bisque to start the meal. I’ve got to be careful not to be addicted to lobster bisque, the way I’m addicted to… every other food.

20150421 Spaghetti with Bacon Frank Mushroom

Spaghetti with bacon, frankfurters, and mushrooms. Felt quite cheated regarding the bacon, which looked more like a topping.

Edwin ordered the following dish, which looked like this on the menu:

Spaghetti House Cannelloni

And it came looking like this:

20150421 Cannelloni

That’s a lot of sauce. Edwin remarked that it was like having a second serving of lobster bisque.

20150421 Golden Crumble

For dessert, we ordered a “Golden Crumble in Tiffany Blue” (yep it’s part of the name!), which was supposed to be baked banana slices topped with chocolate sauce and crumble. However, when I dipped my spoon in, it was all crumble. Where’s the banana?

We had to send it back, and luckily it came back a little more complete, although the ice-cream had melted slightly. Still, the combination of chocolate, banana, and ice-cream is classic. With the crumble for texture, you’ve got a winner!

Alright, time to find more places to inhale pasta!

The Spaghetti House
Shop B, 1/F,
China Overseas Building,
139 Hennessy Road, Wanchai
Tel: 2529 0901

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