Le French May at PMQ

Salut tout le monde!

Le French May kicked off what’s to be a month of festivities, starting with a French market at PMQ. We’d never been to PMQ before, so it was two birds with one stone!

Throwing said stone wasn’t easy though. It was a steep uphill climb from Sheung Wan! This must be how hipsters stay fit.

20150501 PMQ1E

Et voila! Nous sommes arrivés!

20150501 PMQ2E

The market was smaller than expected, but there was a good range nonetheless. There were sandwiches, pastries, wines, juices, jams, and things in jars which I couldn’t identify.

20150501 Raclette

The most interesting stall was probably the one offering various cheeses. Check out that raclette! It’s a wheel of cheese placed under a heater, and the melted top is scraped onto a platter with cold cuts, potatoes, and gherkins. Melted cheese? Oui, s’il vous plaît!

20150501 Tasting Platter

The potatoes were lovingly smothered by a golden blanket of oozy cheese. Très délicieux!

PMQ is also home to artsy stores featuring local designers, and a number of cafés. Because you’ve got to have cafés, especially those that serve Instagram-worthy cakes and such. I went in. They didn’t serve chocolate-based desserts. I left.

Anyway, in keeping with the theme, I thought I’d blog about all things French this month, from food to fashion. And the Paris trip from last year, which I’ve put off for too long.

Mais maintenant, je vais me coucher. Bonne nuit!



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