500 Years of French Passion for Shoes

Bonjour! I really hadn’t planned on doing so many posts about food and dining, and an opportunity to blog about style and fashion is a welcome one. Bien, on y va!

20150517 Exhibition

“500 Years of French Passion for Shoes” is a mini exhibit currently showing in Pacific Place, as part of Le French May. Just how passionate are the French when it comes to shoes? For one, there’s la Federation Française de la Chaussure, or “French Federation of the Shoe” (I kid you not).

20150517 Men

Stylish shoes started out as a domain of men, since women’s shoes were barely visible under their long skirts. This is literally ancient history, and so much has changed since then, for which I’m grateful. I’m glad to be living in a time and place where skirt length is a matter of personal preference. Also, it feels awesome to be able to wear pretty shoes, speaking of which…

20150517 Black20150517 Red

Hello my beauties. The red Mary-Jane heels (second picture, top left) are calling out to me…

20150517 OOTD

Blurry #ootd. My heels are from Charles & Keith, and they’re surprisingly comfortable!

20150517 Workshop

In the middle of the exhibit is a workshop where you can make papier-mache shoes. It’s meant for children, but check out the parents trying to take over!

20150517 Pop Up Store

If you’d rather buy shoes than make them, there’s a pop-up store in another section of Pacific Place, featuring a number of French brands. While they aren’t cheap, remember that window shopping doesn’t cost a thing! But if the shoe fits…




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