Cafe x Cafe = Cafe²

20150607 Haircut

Kicked off Sunday with a brand new look!

20150607 Before20150607 After

Before and after. A lot of hair was chopped off that day.

20150607 OOTD

I’m loving the new ‘do! It’s actually messier than this, since I don’t blow dry my hair in the morning, but I love it all the more!

Anyway, after our haircuts, we had a super late lunch at Cafe². I don’t know how the name came to be, but I couldn’t resist the geeky title for this post. They offer all-day brunch on Sundays!

20150607 Cafe Breadsticks

Complimentary bread(sticks).

20150607 Cafe Breadstick Selfie

After that, Edwin was engrossed in his book, so I had to make do with a goofy-looking selfie. Okay that’s the last you’ll see of me. Let’s move on to the food!

20150607 Soup and Salad

Soup and salad. We asked the server what the soup of the day was and she replied, “Cream soup.” Very helpful. It turned out to be just that. There was nothing else in the soup, just cream! In spite of that, it didn’t taste half bad.

20150607 Pasta

Edwin’s chicken and vegetable pasta. I tried some, and it was alright.

20150607 Deluxe Breakfast

Ta-daa! My infinitely more exciting all-day deluxe breakfast! Egg Benedict, grilled tomato, sausage, smoked salmon, salad, parma ham, and sweet potato fries! Everything on the plate was lovely, except for the ketchup, which was boring. Surely a hipster-ish cafe could come up with a more exciting dip?

20150607 Tiramisu

The meal came with dessert of the day, which was a tiny tiramisu. I’m afraid I’ve been spoilt by the good stuff, because this was just dry and tasteless. Oh no, what’s happened to me?

20150607 Iced Tea

Iced lemon tea! Can’t survive summer without it.

Alright, I’ve got to rush off to class now, but hopefully I’ll have the chance to blog again soon. I want to catch up on a few things before my upcoming trip. Yes, I’ll be travelling again! More on that next time. Until then, have lots of iced tea (and ice-cream!), and stay cool this summer!

Shop C&D, G/F, Rockson Mansion
371-379 Queen’s Road, Western District
Tel: +852 2295 6668


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