Jurassic Park/World Inspired Outfits

Played around on the Polyvore playground…  Jurassic World

Run from velociraptors in style. Chris Pratt not included. Jurassic Park

This would be such a fun outfit to wear while touring Universal Studios! Jurassic Girl

Of course, I couldn’t resist putting together a girly dino-inspired ensemble. How cute are the little scales on the fuchsia flats?

I must have watched Jurassic Park and each of its sequels at least three times already! It’s one of those things I’d catch whenever it’s on Channel 5 or any of the cable channels. Are you going to watch the new Jurassic World? Tomorrow’s movie night for us, so it’s popcorn and 3D glasses at the ready!


One thought on “Jurassic Park/World Inspired Outfits

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