A Burger at the Harbour

Date night at Harbour City! We headed there as Edwin wanted to go to Page One bookstore and I wanted to take the ferry. I love taking the Star Ferry, it never gets old!

20150620 Harbour City

There’s some special display going on for summer, and my outfit matched the nautical theme!

Our first dining experience at BLT Burger was some years back and I enjoyed it thoroughly. This time however, I feel like everything had shrunk and it really wasn’t worth the price, even if it tasted good.

20150620 BLT Naked Burger

I know what you’re thinking – where’s the rest of it? Yes, we ordered a naked burger. (It’s called “The Stripper” on the menu.) The meat was a little dry and under-seasoned, unfortunately. Also, we were thinking that with the fries and everything, we could afford to skip the bun. We didn’t expect the fries to turn out like this:

20150620 BLT Waffle Fries

Five fries. FIVE. Where’s the cheese? Where’s the bacon? These were mentioned in the menu, hence I’d expect them on the plate. And honestly I expected more than five miserable fries on a plate. What a rip-off!

20150620 BLT Cheese Sticks

The only dish that didn’t disappoint was half a dozen mozzarella sticks. Crunchy on the outside, cheesy on the inside… Wins me over every time!

I haven’t really said this about any restaurant, but I’m fairly certain that this would be our last time ever at BLT Burger. The portion of fries was shockingly small for the price of the dish, and for what we paid, we could have had a much more satisfying meal at another restaurant.

Time to take the burger hunt elsewhere!

BLT Burger
Shop OT301-301A, 3/F, Ocean Terminal
Harbour City, 17 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Tel: 2730 2338


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