The Coffee Academics

Met up with my friend Sylvia for lunch a couple of weeks back. The weather was unforgiving that day! One second it was insanely sunny, and the next it was pouring buckets, and then a minute later it was hot, hot, hot again. There’s only one place to be – indoors.

20150625 Coffee Academics Fish Tacos

Thankfully, lunch was a different story. This beautiful platter of fish tacos conjures up images of a tropical paradise with pleasantly cool breezes and gorgeous people on a beach… well I can dream, can’t I?

The taco shells were a little 漏风, like they had been sitting around too long and lost their crunch. Other than that, it was a great dish. The fish was well-cooked, and I loved that they provided lemon and lime wedges, which gave the tacos a lovely, citrus-y zing. The curly fries were swirls of deep-fried goodness. I only wish they served something more exciting than ketchup to go with the fries. My ideal condiment would be lemon-garlic mayonnaise. Mmm…

20150625 Coffee Academics Crab and Avocado Salad

Sylvia had the crab and avocado salad, which I pinched a little of. The crab meat was light and refreshing, and there was a generous portion of the good stuff, not that you can see from my badly taken photo, ‘cos it’s all hidden under the greens!

20150625 Coffee Academics Affogato

Both of us had apple juice to go with our meal, but we couldn’t leave the place without trying their coffee. I’m all about affogato, especially during the summer. The espresso was wonderfully aromatic and the vanilla bean ice-cream was oh-so-good. Also, this has got to be the most stylish presentation ever. I’ve got a pair of martini glasses (a wedding gift) sitting around at home, and now I know how I can put them to good use!

Lately I’ve been reading about where the best cafes are… in Melbourne! I’ll be heading there in two weeks with my mum, and it’ll be a long overdue mother-daughter trip. I’ve heard that some of the best coffee can be found in this city. My mum loves her coffee, and I love the cakes and cookies and everything else that comes with it, so it’s going to be great fun!

Note to self: must up my food photography game by the trip!

The Coffee Academics
38 Yiu Wa Street
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Tel: 2156 0313


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