Melbourne Packing List featuring Polyvore

Of all the times I’ve travelled, this is probably the one in which I’m least prepared. I’ll be flying off tomorrow morning, and right now my bags are only half-packed. After every trip, I tell myself to travel light, but knowing me, it may never happen.

This time I’ll be stopping in Singapore for a few days, so there isn’t any real panic. I know where the shops are, and I can always borrow something from my mum. In any case, here’s an overview of what I’ve packed:

Melbourne Packing List

Friends have been telling me that Australia is currently experiencing a really cold winter, and my usual Hong Kong winter wear isn’t going to cut it. Honestly, I don’t want to buy something that I’ll never wear again, so hopefully my old jacket will be enough. Meanwhile, I will probably layer up like mad, and look suspiciously puffy in all the photos!

This will be my last post before the trip, and the next post will probably be in August. I already have so much to share with you all as it is, so next time I’m going to be brimming with lots of my usual chatter and food pictures.

Well, bye for now, and see you soon!


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