Bread Street Kitchen Hong Kong

With Jamie’s Italian and now, Bread Street Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay, Hong Kong is one incredibly exciting dining destination. Not that it was remotely dull by any means before the onset of the celebrity chefs. After all, Cantonese cuisine is world-famous, and have you tasted the local street food? But that’s a story (and a blog post) for another day.

Edwin and I were here one afternoon and tried their special set lunch menu for Hong Kong Restaurant Week. I’d like to pretend that we’re happening people who are “in the know” for restaurant week and whatnot, but this was actually purely coincidental.

20150806 Bread and Butter

The bread basket was warm and inviting, and if you look closely, you’ll see grains of sea salt sprinkled on the butter, which was a nice touch. However, we didn’t eat much of it as our starters were served shortly after.

20150806 White Bean Soup

White bean soup with braised beef, tarragon, and whole grain mustard. I loved the taste and texture of the white bean soup, as well as the bread that came with it. Not surprisingly, this was rather filling. A little more, and this would have been a meal in itself!

20150806 Garlic Flatbread

Garlic flatbread topped with sliced avocado and rocket salad. Hello, you had me at “garlic”. What’s that, avocado? I’m yours, baby. Just look at that beautiful row of sliced avocado!

Question: How does one dine on flatbread in a nice restaurant?

Like the soup, this too was generously portioned, which was greatly appreciated until the aforementioned question beckons. My personal preference would be to pick up the entire slab with my hands and devour it like a foot-long sub, complete with finger-licking, but I’m guessing that it’s not the “done” thing in fancy establishments.

So… I attempted to be civilised with a fork and knife, but the flatbread proved to be unyielding. It was doughy in some parts and ultra-crispy in others, and I ended up with crumbs all over my side of the table. In fact, I might have sent some crumbs flying to the next table.

Fortunately, the flatbread was as delicious as it was difficult. The garlic flavour came through when I tasted the bread by itself, but that flavour was lost when paired with the creamy avocado. While I love avocado, I was hoping for the garlic to have a slightly stronger presence in the dish.

Also, if you have an idea regarding how to tackle flatbread with cutlery, I would love to hear it!

On to the main course…

20150806 Fish of the Day

Fish of the day with citrus mixed greens and Maltaise sauce. I forgot to ask what fish it was, but it was well-cooked and the sauce was lovely. In case you were wondering what Maltaise sauce is, I looked it up. It’s a derivative of Hollandaise sauce, with added blood orange juice. You’re welcome.

20150806 Salmon Risotto

Risotto of salmon, fennel, and dill leaves. The risotto had the right amount of creaminess, but the fennel was bland. I felt that it should have had a sharper taste to contrast the rice and fish. Also, the dill leaves were still in a bunch, hidden under the fennel, and I had to shred it up and mix it myself. Still, it wasn’t a bad dish.

Dessert time!

20150806 Chocolate Tart

Chocolate tart, served with sea salt caramel ice-cream (my latest obsession). The crumble on the side served as much-needed textural contrast with the rich chocolate, and the ice-cream was amazing!

20150806 Eton Mess

Eton mess, which is a traditional English dessert consisting of a mixture of strawberries, meringue pieces, and cream. It was HUGE! Initially I was worried that it might be too creamy, but then I unearthed a whole lot of strawberries and meringue at the bottom. Incredibly satisfying!

Needless to say, we ate ourselves into a food coma, and for HKD198 (~S$35) per person, it was a fairly good deal!

I would love to come back and try the items on their main menu, although in a manner of speaking, we have already tried some of those dishes in London. I will be working on that long overdue blog post soon, so watch this space!

Bread Street Kitchen & Bar
Mezzanine Level, LKF Hotel, 33 Wyndham Street
Central, Hong Kong
Tel: 2230 1800


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