The Coffee Academics

Another quick review of a another quick meal at The Coffee Academics. (Read about the last visit here.)

20150816 Beef and Cheddar Soft Taco

Beef and cheddar soft taco with curly fries. The taco itself was underwhelming – the beef was dry and there wasn’t enough cheese or avocado to go around. Those fries were glorious though. This time, I asked for mayo, and it was heavenly. Moral of the story: always ask for mayo.

20150816 Hibiscus Coffee

Does this even look like coffee to you? I’m guessing this is a limited edition drink for the summer, and comprises of hibiscus, honey, and espresso. It hit all the right notes, and proved that coffee can be a summery drink too.

And that’s it for tonight, folks. How has the week been treating you so far? Mid-week’s over, and soon it’ll be the weekend. Unless you work Saturdays, like I do, and then it’s just, oh well…

Coffee, anyone?

The Coffee Academics
225 Wanchai Road
Wanchai, Hong Kong
Tel: 2515 0980


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