Borough Market in London

When planning the London segment of our trip, I knew that I definitely wanted to visit Borough Market. Food, flowers, kitchenware, and more food, what’s not to love?


Apparently lots of other people had the same idea. Well, there’s no avoiding the crowds!


It so happened that we visited Borough Market on its 1,000th anniversary! One thing about travelling in Europe, the history of places can surprise you at every turn.


Special edition 1,000th anniversary bread. So chaotar (burnt) though, who’s going to eat it?


So pretty! Someday, when we finally move into our own place (i.e. not a rental), with my dream kitchen and everything, I’ll be able to buy and display treasures from our travels. I wonder when that will be?

While at Borough Market, we tried a Scotch egg and a sausage Boston sausage burger. Both were alright, but paled in comparison to…


THIS. Cue angels singing.




As you can see, I had already taken two bites out of it before the picture was taken.

That’s it! We left shortly after and walked along the River Thames, past Shakespeare’s Globe and then toured the Tate Modern.

I know it’s taken forever, but we’ve finally reached London, in a manner of speaking. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep this up, and you can look forward to more posts about London, Melbourne, and everything in between!


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