Italian Cheezroni at Pizza Hut

I’d like to start by saying that I’m over my Pizza Hut phase. It isn’t terrible or anything, but it isn’t great either, so I really should start making my calories count by eating only food that I truly enjoy. (That’s the dream, but the reality is… too boring to write about. So now you know.)

Italian CheezroniAs usual, I was enticed by glossy images of pizza. Pepperoni and mozzarella in the crust? Yes, please!

When we ordered the Sicilian Delight, it arrived looking like this:

20150829 Pizza

Not what I expected, but I’ll bite (quite literally).

First of all, who puts carrots on a pizza? I love carrots, but they don’t belong here. The other toppings were rather underwhelming as well. I suppose the highlight would be the crust, but there were only tiny slivers of pepperoni and not much more cheese in every bite. Disappointing!

20150829 Lobster Bisque

On the bright side, the lobster bisque tasted excellent. I don’t even bother with the other soups anymore. Just upgrade!

20150829 Salad

The prawn and potato salad with calamari wasn’t half bad either. There was also a pasta dish with the set, but we ordered that to go, so no photo.

That’s it for now. I’ve been busy lately, but hopefully I’ll be able to get back to my usual routine soon. Fingers crossed!

Also, if anyone knows where to get tasty and affordable pizza in Hong Kong, it’ll be much appreciated!


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