Brunch at Angelina Paris (Hong Kong)

Bonjour! Is there anything more glorious than brunch on a Sunday? (Actually, there are lots of glorious things and experiences out there, hence there’s always something to be cheerful – and write – about.)

Edwin and I had brunch at Angelina Paris at the start of the month, right before he flew off to Shanghai. It was lunch hour in the city, so the usual suspects were out of the question – the queue at Crystal Jade was o_O.

It seemed like every restaurant was full, until I thought of Angelina. Tucked away behind the makeup counters in Lane Crawford (upscale department store in IFC mall), it’s not someplace one would happen to walk past. I suppose it’s a good thing, since it makes for a more intimate dining experience.

20150906 Brunch

The brunch set includes eggs “your way” (I opted for soft-boiled), bacon, hash browns, and a salad, but that’s not all…

20150906 Pastries

Pastries and jam, bread and butter…

20150906 Orange Juice


20150906 Chocolate

Tea, coffee, or hot chocolate “L’Africain”. I had to go with their famous hot chocolate, bien sûr!

20150906 Fruit Salad

And finally, a choice between a fruit salad and pain perdu (French toast). I went with the former. As much as I love bread, it’s all too much for one meal!

20150906 Crab Club Sandwich

Edwin had the crab club sandwich, which was MASSIVE. It even came with a side of fries!

While our meal was on the expensive side, the portions were generous and service was impeccable. In fact, I had to take the pastries and jam home – there was no way I was going to be able to finish all that in one sitting!

Taste-wise, it was pleasant but not mind-blowing. Items that stood out were the orange juice (super fresh) and fruit salad. The latter was as refreshing as it was pretty to look at.

I’m afraid I’ve been bitten by the brunch bug. In fact, for our anniversary next month, we’ll forgo the gift-giving in lieu of a fancy brunch, which is how I like it. Jewellery is nice, but food is everything. #alwayshungry

Be right back, off to hunt a sandwich.

Angelina Paris Hong Kong
Shop 3031-3070/ 3025-3026, IFC, 1 Harbour View Street, Central
中環港景街1號國際金融中心商場連卡佛3樓3025-3026 / 3031-3070號舖
Tel: 3188 0842


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