Disney Inspired Outfits: Dapper Day Ideas

In the past year, several vintage-inspired dresses have caught my eye. I don’t own any vintage clothing, but I’ve always loved the look of a fitted waist and a flared skirt. It’s romantic, feminine, and oh-so-timeless. Classic never goes out of style!

One of these days, I will make it to Disneyland on Dapper Day. It must be great fun to stroll around Disney with everyone is dressed to the nines! If only there’s Dapper Day in Hong Kong Disneyland… well, it might just happen if I wish hard enough!

Until then, I’ve got to be content with creating virtual outfits on Polyvore…

Minnie Mouse

Dapper Day Minnie Mouse

She’s the best dressed mouse, after all.

Belle (Beauty and the Beast)

Dapper Day Belle

Be the Belle of the ball/park, complete with a book clutch!


Dapper Day Pocahontas

An adventure is just around the river bend.

Peggy Carter/Agent Carter

Dapper Day Peggy Carter

One of my favourite fictional characters EVER. She’s strong, stylish, and all-round amazing. Besides, Disney now owns Marvel, so I guess that sort of makes her a Disney character now?

Dapper Day Fancy

This last one is simply vintage-inspired and not tied to any particular character. Although if you squint a little, it could pass for Minnie Mouse, or maybe Queen of Hearts? In any case, I would definitely love to go all out with a fascinator and lace gloves!

What do you think? Who’s your favourite character to Disneybound as?


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