Souvla Greek Restaurant

Have you ever thought about just how many different cuisines there are in this world? Obviously food is a big part of our lives (I know it’s a big part of mine), and it’s a great way to experience another culture.

These days, what with globalisation and everything, you don’t even have to venture far to sample the cuisine of a foreign country. I’d love to actually travel and have the authentic experience, but some of us have to work for a living, you know. Sigh… When can I take leave again?

Edwin and I had lunch at Souvla a couple of weeks ago. This was my second time here, and I’m still loving their lunch buffet. For HKD168 (~S$31), you get to savour a variety of Greek salads, appetisers, and desserts. It’s all vegetarian-friendly (as far as I can tell) and rather filling.

20150910 Souvla Lunch Buffet

As you can see here, it’s quite the spread. There’s a good mix of warm and cold dishes, ‘cos I know lots of people prefer hot food during meal times. Taste-wise, most items fared quite well, so one could definitely make a meal out of it. I loved that there were lots of veggies – bring on the feel-good factor!

20150910 Souvla Chicken

For an additional HKD20 (~S$3.70), you get a single serving of chicken on top of the buffet spread. There’s fish, pork, and beef as well, but those are more expensive so we didn’t bother.

The chicken was seasoned and cooked well, and the lemon and sauce were perfect accents. Great value for money!

20150910 Souvla Dessert

The buffet also features a range of desserts, including fresh fruit, éclairs, doughnuts, meringues, almond cookies, lemon meringue tarts, baklava, and more! If you have a sweet tooth, this is for you! I especially enjoyed the lemon meringue tarts – they were the cutest!

While it isn’t the cheapest lunch option, the pricing is reasonable nonetheless, especially since it’s a buffet, and you get to try a bit of everything. Moreover, the taste is consistently good, and the place has got a great ambience. It’s ideal for a lunch date, as long as Edwin is amenable to the idea!

Souvla Greek Restaurant
1/F, Ho Lee Comm Building ,40 D’Aguilar Street, Central
Tel: 2522 1823


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