Take Me to London Town

We finally made it to London, baby! As much as I was in love with Paris and reading/hearing/speaking French wherever we went, I won’t lie, it was très difficile. It was a relief to get to a city where we actually spoke the language!

London 1 London 2

Couldn’t resist the more tourist-y photos with the red phone booth and mailbox.

London 3London 4London 5London 6

Many of the sights were within walking distance of one another. The weather was lovely that week, and we decided to take it slow in London, after rushing about madly in Rome and Paris.

London 7London 8London 10London 9

Nope, it didn’t get us to Narnia.

London 11

We watched Phantom of the Opera while in New York (after all, it’s the quintessential Broadway experience, isn’t it?), but the one in London was 100x more awesome! Must watch!

London 12London 13

Strolling along the River Thames after touring Borough Market.

London 14

Grey skies can be beautiful too.

And that’s it! Surprisingly, we didn’t spend that much time out and about. We were mostly in museums or in restaurants, and had a fabulous time. More on those another time!


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