One Dim Sum 一點心

Edwin’s sister Ines and her husband Brandon stayed with us over the Mid-Autumn Festival weekend, and together the four of us had some pretty good food during those few days. I’m always hoping for guests to come by so that I can bring them around to eat! (Actually no, I don’t really need that excuse and I’ll go out all the same, hehe.)

Anyway, we dined at our usual Japanese restaurant, and then Lee House Restaurant (with my favourite crispy tofu!), and eventually made our way across the harbour in search of more!

On Sunday afternoon, we went to One Dim Sum and were greeted with a long queue of hungry locals and travellers, all eager to sample Michelin-starred dim sum. The food had better be good after the 45 minute wait!

The various dim sum dishes arrived not long after we placed our order, and in fact they came one after another so quickly that I didn’t take close-up shots of all of them! Must eat while hot!

20150927 One Dim Sum Assorted

From left: 香滑奶皇包 // custard buns; 鼓汁蒸肉排 // steamed pork ribs; and 薄皮鮮蝦餃 // har gao (shrimp dumplings).

Of all the dishes we tried, the custard buns were probably the most underwhelming. Yes, they were piping hot and fragrant enough, but there was just a bit too much bun and not enough custard. On a side note, is it just me, or is anyone else craving for a 流沙包 (salted custard bun) right about now?

20150927 One Dim Sum Chee Cheong Fun

蜜汁叉燒腸 // Chee cheong fun (rice paper rolls) with charsiew (barbequed pork). Not particularly exciting, but a solid staple nonetheless.

20150927 One Dim Sum Fried Cruller

炒兩腸粉 // More chee cheong fun, this time with deep-fried youtiao (cruller) as the filling. I never knew these existed until I came to Hong Kong. Now I’m on a quest to try ’em all!

20150927 One Dim Sum Shrimp Roll

鮮蝦腐皮卷 // Fresh shrimp rolled in deep-fried beancurd skin. The shrimp was plump and juicy, and I’m definitely not one to pass up on deep-fried anything!

20150927 One Dim Sum Siew Mai

蟹皇蒸燒賣 // Siewmai (I don’t even know what the English translation for this is!) with crab roe. I’m not a fan of siewmai, but I like how these were generously portioned.

20150927 One Dim Sum Mango Roll

香芒奶皇卷 // Mango mochi rolls. THIS. This was the highlight of our meal. I really wished that we had ordered one more, and I would trek all the way back to have this again. It was that good.

20150927 One Dim Sum Egg Pastry

古法炸蛋散 // Egg pastry. The first few bites were enjoyable, and after that it was a bit much. I wish there was more syrup to counter the dryness of the pastry.

Overall, the food did not disappoint. The place was well-run, organised and efficient, and service was excellent. They were pretty serious about their food too – they served the egg pastry after the mango mochi rolls so that the syrup wouldn’t interfere with the mango taste.

All in all, definitely somewhere I’d bring friends and family. Watch out, mango, I’m coming for you!

One Dim Sum 一點心
Shop 1 & 2, G/F, Kenwood Mansion, 15 Playing Field Road, Prince Edward
Tel: 2789 2280


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