The British Museum in London

To be honest, by the time we made it to London, we had experienced some degree of museum fatigue from our time in Paris and Rome. However, the British Museum was a must-go, and we’re glad we didn’t give it a miss!

Museum 1

The fire alarm went off ten minutes after we entered the place and had seen all of one artefact. The building was evacuated and everyone was told to wait outside till further notice. I think it was around 20 minutes before we could go back in.

Museum 2Museum 3Museum 4

We only managed to catch one guided tour while we were there, (there are several tours given throughout the day in different parts of the museum) and it was in the “Japan” section. It was great! The tour guide was helpful and humorous, although it was dry British humour and you had to have an appreciation of it to find the jokes funny.

Museum 5Museum 6

So. Much. Effort. A work of art indeed!

Museum 7

In the “Egypt” section, also not to be missed.

Museum 8

This reminds me of the desert scene in “Aladdin” so much.

Museum 9

Took a break to visit Tea and Tattle, which was right across the street. I’ll write about our English afternoon tea in a separate post!

Museum 10

If only champagne from Champagne can be called champagne, then is only china from China called china?

Museum 11

Serving dishes from the Ming Dynasty, Longqing period, AD 1567 -1572

Museum 12Museum 13Went into a room filled with clocks and watches, and I thought Edwin would never leave. Seriously, he spent slightly more than an hour in there!

Museum 14

Well, we eventually made it to other sections of the museum, and had to squish everything into 15 minutes before it closed. Edwin definitely wants to re-visit the place, but I don’t know how much more walking (and waiting) I can take!


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