Victoria & Albert Museum, London

The last of the museum series. Enjoy!

Museum 15 Museum 16 Museum 17

I love fashion for so many reasons – it’s an art form, a means of expression, and a source of inspiration. Yes, it’s just clothes, so it’s not meant to be taken seriously. Just have fun with dressing up!

Museum 18

V & A was relatively quiet compared to the other museums, which made for a much more pleasant experience. It was an immense relief, not needing to view an exhibit over someone’s shoulder.

Museum 19

The imposing St Margaret altar piece.

Museum 20

This would have been rather useful back when I was studying English Literature. Shakespeare is a distant memory for me now – feels like a lifetime ago!

Museum 21

I’ve never watched the Broadway version of the Lion King! Who knows when I’ll get the chance… maybe, just maybe, next year…?

Museum 22

There’s a closet filled with costumes, located in a dark corner of the museum. Everyone else made a beeline for the more elaborate pieces – gowns, coats, and such – so I only managed to get my hands on this cropped jacket. The fringe details on the sleeves were fun though!

Museum 23

Black cape with a web motif, for Edwin to do his best super-villain impersonation.

Keeping things short and sweet this time. The next post will most likely feature our gastronomical adventures in London, and it’ll be anything but short. Still, I’m excited to share that with you all, so stay tuned!


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