LEX Coffee Kennedy Town

“When in doubt, drink coffee.”

That’s a quote from… nowhere. I literally just made that up. I might be high on caffeine, though the last cup of coffee I had was yesterday. Hmm… What did they put in that cup?

I don’t know why I’ve been drinking so much coffee, much more than my usual two cups a year anyways. It’s as though some weird floodgate was open after my return from Melbourne. I’m still unsure as to how healthy it is, but when in doubt… oh, forget it.

Edwin and I had a lovely post-swim meal at LEX Coffee some months back. Yes, I’m finally writing about it. If I keep this up, I might be able to catch up sometime this year.

LEX interiorSource

High-ceiling, comfortable seats, pretty lighting, all setting the scene for Instagram.

20151025 LEX Brunch

All day brunch! Poached eggs with smoked salmon, parma ham, and mixed greens. I particularly liked the citrus bits (orange and grapefruit) in the salad – refreshing!

20151025 LEX Pasta

Spaghetti with prawns. Unfortunately the garlic was burnt and a bit bitter.

20151025 LEX Foccacia and Affogato

Orange chocolate affogato, and focaccia in the background. I have completely forgotten what the sandwich fillings were, so let’s ignore the bread and focus on the affogato. It was amazing. The espresso, vanilla ice-cream, and chocolate syrup (which hardened when cooled) went together perfectly. I couldn’t see any orange bits or syrup or whatnot, but I could smell it and it was heavenly. I would come back just for this alone.

20151025 LEX Mango Tea

Mango tea, served in a cute little pot.

And that wraps up the first of many dining posts for the year! There’ll be other content, bien sûr, such as travel logs, opinion pieces, and more Polyvore creations. I’m really excited about what’s coming up soon, so watch this space!

LEX Coffee
G/F, 100 Belcher’s Street, Kennedy Town, Western District
Tel: 2149 9633

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