Gordon Ramsay’s Beef Wellington

Anyone who’s watched enough episodes of Hell’s Kitchen or Masterchef US will tell you that Beef Wellington is one of Gordon Ramsay’s signature dishes. I caught an episode of “Gordon Ramsay’s Christmas Special” (or whatever it’s called), in which Chef Ramsay teaches us normal folk how to prepare this famous dish, and I was famished by the end of the episode. However, I wasn’t inspired to make it myself, mostly because it looked like a lot of work, and I wasn’t about to risk an expensive cut of beef.

So when Bread Street Kitchen was offering Beef Wellington for a limited time period i.e. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, Edwin and I jumped at the chance to finally try the dish we’d heard so much about.

20151225 Drinks

Cocktails to start off our meal. It’s Christmas, after all!

20151225 Edwin and Drink

Edwin trying his best to look suave with a girly drink in hand. He had the “Second secret”, which was bourbon, apple brandy, and pomegranate syrup.

20151225 Cocktail

I had the “Grey Goose le fizz”, which consisted of Grey Goose vodka, lime, elderflower liqueur, and soda. It was festive and perfect for toasting!

20151225 Carpaccio

Our starter of stone bass fillet carpaccio, avocado, and horseradish. Absolutely delicious. The flavour and texture of every element just complemented one another beautifully.

20151225 Beef Wellington

The star of the evening, accompanied by two sides: roasted cauliflower and mac and cheese. So was it good? The simple answer is yes. The meat was perfectly cooked, and went well with the mushrooms and pastry.

I think what did us in was the sheer size of the Beef Wellington. When they said it’s perfect for two, I think they meant two large men. There was no way we could have finished it. Also, maybe we should have ordered lighter side dishes. We packed the last piece to bring home, and even then we were in a food coma. Needless to say, we didn’t have any dessert.

Well, so that was our experience. I’m not sure whether I’ll want to have Beef Wellington again. If I do, it’ll probably be with three other hungry people. Then we’ll all have room for dessert.

Bread Street Kitchen & Bar
Level M, LKF Hotel,33 Wyndham Street, Lan Kwai Fong, Central
Tel: 2230 1800


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