Stanley Christmas Market 2015

If you must know, Edwin and I are incredibly boring when it comes to holiday plans. In 2011, we watched “The Nutcracker” on Christmas Eve and battled the zombie crowds of Tsim Sha Tsui. One week later, we rang in the new year at Lan Kwai Fong and stayed out till 6am, but not by choice – no taxi wanted to take us home, and we had to wait for the first bus of 2012. Bless the people who work in public transportation.

So we had been staying in for the last few holidays, happily avoiding the crowds, but I thought, why not do something different, since it’s been a while. So we went to the Stanley Christmas Market…

20151219 Stanley Christmas Market

… and promptly got reminded of why we stayed at home the past few years.

Too be fair, it wasn’t a bad experience. One thing I love about Hong Kong, most of the time it’s crowded but not chaotic. People automatically queue, and there’s an order to things.

20151219 Christmas Market

There’s something especially Christmas-y about old-fashioned toys.

20151219 Flowers

Miniature floral arrangements for HKD50 (~S$9.30). Very pretty!

20151221 Chocolates1

Bought some chocolates (would you expect anything less?). I just Googled Lion’s Mane and it’s a medicinal mushroom that some studies have shown to have antioxidant effects. Good to know. In any case, the organic chocolate tastes great. I’ve been adding it to my breakfast bowl to go with strawberries and blueberries.

(Been trying “clean eating” for a while now, so far so good. There’s a chance that I might slip and fall headfirst into a platter of bacon. We shall see.)

20151221 Chocolates

Almond slivers covered in 70% chocolate. I used to be crazy about this type of chocolate, and it isn’t easily found in Hong Kong. So I was quite excited to come across it at the market, but they turned out quite bland. Disappointing!

Dining at Stanley that night was a nightmare. Every dining establishment in the area sprouted a queue. Trying to get home was horrible as well. There must have been at least thirty people queuing for a taxi, and hundreds waiting for buses heading anywhere. It’ll be a long, long time before I head to Stanley again!

20151220 Christmas Lunch

Christmas lunch at a friend’s place, with the cutest, pinkest tree.

So yeah, our Christmas was a bit more exciting than usual. Also because we had a really nice dinner, which I’ll write about after this post.


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