Check-In Taipei

大家好!今天我想跟你們分享一下上個禮拜在<Check-In Taipei>的美食體驗。我和老公午休時到了SOHO好萊塢道, 尋找一間未嘗試過的餐廳。其實我前一晚已經在網上Openrice瀏覽/搜索了一下…

… and this is where Google Translate fails me. Ladies and gentlemen, the above was my laughable attempt to blog in Mandarin. Now let me go hang my head in shame.

Alright, before I pick up my books, let me just share our dining experience. I was looking around on Openrice, and Check-In Taipei looked promising, so Edwin and I went there for lunch last Thursday. We didn’t make a reservation, but managed to get seats by the bar, which was fine. If we had walked in five minutes later, we wouldn’t have been seated at all!

20160107 Bar

View from the bar.

The lunch menu offers a choice of seven items, all Taiwanese specialties such as 紅燒牛肉 (braised spicy beef) and 三杯雞 (three cups chicken). You then pick either rice or noodles. But it’s not just plain ol’ rice or noodles. The rice is actually 滷肉飯 (rice with braised meat sauce), and the noodles are osmanthus tea-infused soba noodles with sesame dressing. Sounds exciting already!

20160107 Crispy Chicken

I had the crispy chicken with noodles. I loved it. The chicken pieces were crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, and the noodles were really tasty too. Portion-wise, some people might find it on the small side, but it was just right for me.

20160107 Pork Cutlet

Edwin had the Taiwanese-style crispy pork cutlet with rice. Overall it was pretty good too, though the batter didn’t really stick to the meat.

As you can see, each set comes with daily side dishes. I finished everything except for the tofu, which I gave to Edwin. Cold tofu isn’t my thing. Give me crispy deep-fried tofu any day!

20160107 Drinks

The set also comes with drinks, and there’s a list to choose from. We opted for hot tea (jasmine green tea for me, honey green tea for Edwin), but there’s also iced tea and… bubble tea! Makes sense, since it’s Taiwanese cuisine. While seated at the bar, it was fun to watch the bartender whip up bubble tea with a cocktail shaker.

Since it’s a bar, they do serve cocktails, including some inspired by icons of Taipei, like Taipei 101 tower. We didn’t try any, but maybe next time!

Alright, that’s all for tonight. Now time to revise my Mandarin…

Check-In Taipei
G/F., 27 Hollywood Road, Central
Tel: 2351 2622


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