Lucky Colours for the Year of the Monkey 2016

Christmas and New Year’s Day may be over, but Lunar New Year is just around the corner, and in Hong Kong, this is the big shindig. Beyond this city, it’s a special time of year for so many people around the world. It’s a time for friends and families to gather, a time for well wishes, and a time to throw that diet out the window.

One of my favourite things about Lunar New Year (aside from the above) is the chance to go shopping. New clothes for a new year. A perfectly legitimate reason to buy a new dress? Yes, yes, yes please!

Last year, I wrote about incorporating lucky colours into one’s wardrobe, and now here I am, at it again. Looks like it’s going to be an annual tradition on my part.

So, are you ready to see what your lucky colours for the year of the monkey are?

Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rat [ 1948 | 1960 | 1972 | 1984 | 1996 | 2008 ]
Lucky Colours: Black, White, Grey

Lucky Rat

I think black and white outfits are super chic, and the little hint of rainbow colours is just so cute.

Chinese Zodiac Sign: Ox [ 1949 | 1961 | 1973 | 1985 | 1997 | 2009 ]
Lucky Colours: Grey, Yellowish-Brown

Lucky Ox

Grey is one of my favourite neutrals, especially in winter. Here, it provides a base for the more unusual yellowish-brown to pop.

Chinese Zodiac Sign: Tiger [ 1950 | 1962 | 1974 | 1986 | 1998 | 2010 ]
Lucky Colours: Gold, Black

Lucky Tiger

Black and gold is another one of those stunning colour combinations that works every time. Also, how adorable is the tiger’s tail on the clutch?

Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rabbit [ 1939 | 1951 | 1963 | 1975 | 1987 | 1999 ]
Lucky Colours: Peach-Pink, Yellowish-Brown

Lucky Rabbit

That diary is adorable. Okay, I’m going to go ahead and declare peach-pink a neutral.

Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dragon [ 1940 | 1952 | 1964 | 1976 | 1988 | 2000 ]
Lucky Colours: Creamy White, Cyan

Lucky Dragon

To be honest, I was initially a little apprehensive about cyan, but set against creamy white, it just zings. With a little sprinkling of mint green, it’s perfect for summer, which is what I’m dreaming of right now!

Chinese Zodiac Sign: Snake [ 1941 | 1953 | 1965 | 1977 | 1989 | 2001 ]
Lucky Colours: Purple, Black, Brown

Lucky Snake

This makes me want to wear a crop top. But then I remember that I’m sporting a (food) baby bump all year round. (Since when did rock-hard abs become the latest must-have accessory?) Plus they’re not exactly work-appropriate. I’ll pass.

Chinese Zodiac Sign: Horse [ 1942 | 1954 | 1966 | 1978 | 1990 | 2002 ]
Lucky Colours: Dark Green, Silver

Lucky Horse

Tulle cool for school.

Chinese Zodiac Sign: Goat [ 1943 | 1955 | 1967 | 1979 | 1991 | 2003 ]
Lucky Colours: Peach-Pink, Cyan

Lucky Goat

What did I say about peach-pink being a neutral?

Chinese Zodiac Sign: Monkey [ 1944 | 1956 | 1968 | 1980 | 1992 | 2004 ]
Lucky Colours: Light Blue, Vermilion, White

Lucky Monkey

If I had my way, I’d be playing dress up everyday.

Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rooster [ 1945 | 1957 | 1969 | 1981 | 1993 | 2005 ]
Lucky Colours: Orange, Brown

Lucky Rooster

Brb, going to book a getaway somewhere where it’s nice and sunny.

Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dog [ 1946 | 1958 | 1970 | 1982 | 1994 | 2006 ]
Lucky Colours: Blue, Green

Lucky Dog

I couldn’t resist adding a little nautical flair. “Seas” the day!

Chinese Zodiac Sign: Pig [ 1947 | 1959 | 1971 | 1983 | 1995 | 2007 ]
Lucky Colours: Purple, Grey, Red

Lucky Pig

What’s Lunar New Year without a bit (or a lot) of red?

Lucky colours from and looks created via Polyvore.

Thank you for reading all the way to the end, and I hope you’ve enjoyed this post as much as I had fun creating it. To be clear, I’m not an expert on Chinese astrology, and I don’t place too much emphasis on good/bad luck. My personal belief is that you should wear whatever you want within reason, live life and be happy.

Once again, thank you for being with me on this journey. A very happy Lunar New Year to you, and all the best in the year ahead. 心想事成, 萬事如意!


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