Goodwood Park Hotel Singapore

20151203 Bed1

Sometime in December, Edwin and I had a nice little staycation at Goodwood Park Hotel in Singapore, as we had a free night’s stay after booking with

20151203 Living Room20151203 Pool

Service was lovely. We were upgraded to a suite, with a view of the pool! Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to go for a dip.

20151203 Bathroom

The bathroom was gorgeous. Definitely one of the nicest hotel bathrooms we’ve ever come across.

20151203 Bed

When staying in a hotel, one of my favourite things to do is watch TV from the bed, since we don’t get to do that back home. Here, I didn’t like that the TV was facing the window instead of the bed, and the only way to watch TV was to sit at the foot of the bed, which wasn’t particularly comfortable.

20151203 Orchard

The location was great though – near all the attractions Orchard has to offer, but not so near that you’re surrounded by noise. Because we haven’t been in Singapore for so long, it was nice to walk down Orchard during during the Christmas season and take in the sights. We also managed to catch some amazing street performers in action!

20151204 Breakfast Buffet

Our stay included breakfast as well. It was a limited selection, but most everything tasted great. There was also a little Japanese section featuring steamed rice and miso soup, which was nice.

We’ll be headed back to Singapore again soon, to celebrate Chinese New Year with our friends and family. I’ll probably be bringing my laptop with me this time, and hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze in some time to blog.

Alright, that’s all from me today. I’ve got homework to do! It’s going to be a busy few weeks ahead, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

To everyone out there, take care and stay warm, especially if you’re feeling the winter chill. If you’re enjoying the sunshine somewhere else, I hope you’re enjoying a nice, tall glass of iced tea!


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