Jamie’s Italian Piccadilly Circus

This was one of the “must-go-to” restaurants for me while we were in London. Some people said that it’s overrated, but I wanted to try it all the same.

Jamie 1

Crispy squid with crushed garlic mayo, chopped chilli and lemon. Crispy anything + mayo = a winner in my books!

Jamie 2

Pork scratchings with spiced fennel salt & orchard dipping sauce. Loved the taste, but these were on the verge of rock hard and had me worrying about my molars.

Jamie 3

Calves’ liver and bacon Italian-style, served with mashed potato, smashed squash, pine nuts, raisins & onion gravy. I hadn’t really had liver before (other than foie gras), and I really enjoyed this.

Jamie 4

Prawn linguine with fried garlicky prawns, fennel, tomatoes, chilli and rocket. For the pasta, you get to choose from two sizes. The small portion really was tiny!

Jamie 5

Fresh crab spaghettini with capers, chilli, fennel, parsley, anchovies and lemon. One more pasta dish for the seafood-loving Edwin!

Jamie 6

Chocolate, pear, and honeycomb pavlova. Light and fluffy meringue served with poached pears, whipped mascarpone, honeycomb and a drizzle of dark chocolate. I like chocolate, honeycomb, and meringue. Edwin likes poached pears. Ordering this dessert seems fair.

Looking back, I can’t believe just how much we ate back in Europe, but there’s still so much that we hadn’t tried. Hopefully, we’ll get to travel this year, and sample more good food! Meanwhile, I’ll be dreaming of that pavlova tonight…

Jamie’s Italian, Piccadilly
17-19 Denman Street


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