Tea & Tattle Afternoon Tea in London

It is said that the practice of having afternoon tea was started by Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford, around the early nineteenth century. She later invited her friends to join her, and soon it became popular among upper class folks. (Read more about it here.)

Since afternoon tea is so quintessentially British (in my books at least), I really wanted to experience it for myself when in London. There was no shortage of cafes, lounges, and hotels offering this treat, but the prices – oh my! Most of them were between 30 to 50 pounds per person, and way over our budget.

I later came across Tea & Tattle while doing research for the trip. It was the most reasonably priced afternoon tea, with prices starting from 17 pounds, and it had excellent reviews. Also, it’s situated across the street from the British Museum, plus one could make reservations online – we have a winner!

Alright, enough talking, it’s picture time!


The tea room is in a basement under Arthur Probsthain, a bookshop that has a vast collection of books featuring (among other things) art, culture, and history from Asia and Africa.


There isn’t a long list of teas, just the classics. I opted for Ceylon tea.


Crab and avocado sandwiches, if I remember correctly. What I do remember, is that they were delicious.


Amazing scones with clotted cream and – get this – strawberry and black pepper jam. It might sound bizarre, but it tasted so good.


Chocolate cake, rich and moist, as cake should be.


Aside from tea, they serve other drinks like fresh coffee, smoothies, and lemonade (pictured).

That’s all! I now have less than 20 minutes to get ready to leave for class, and figure out what to do for dinner in between. Meanwhile, all I can think about are those scones…

Tea & Tattle
41 Great Russell Street, London, WC1B 3PE (opposite the British Museum)


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