Spring Capsule Wardrobe

Is it springtime where you are? Here in Hong Kong, we’ve got a few warm days to enjoy before the cold snap hits us. Temperatures are expected to plunge from 17 to 22 degrees next Tuesday to 10 to 13 degrees next Friday. That’s almost 10 degrees – insane! You’ll be seeing me burying my nose in hot tea, hot coffee, hot chocolate, hot soup, hot ANYTHING.

(In case you’re curious about the weather, you can read more about it here.)

So far there’s no news of when the cold is going to let up, but I’ve gone ahead and planned a spring capsule wardrobe in anticipation of warmer weather.

Spring Capsule Wardrobe

To preserve my sanity, I’ve decided not to include shoes and accessories. You can easily mix and match these 19 pieces to create more than 30 outfits, maybe even 50 if you want to get really creative.

To get the ball rolling, I’ve come up with 5 outfits:

Spring Outfit 1

Hello #minniestyle! This is a typical work outfit for me, which also transitions well for evenings when I have class. (To digress a little, I have an exam coming up at the end of the month, so I may have to take a break from blogging later on! *sob*)

Spring Outfit 2

A simple outfit with bohemian vibes. Coral and mint green are a match made in pastel heaven.

Spring Outfit 3

I love this look – super girly, complete with hearts and heels. And more mint green!

Spring Outfit 4

At the rate the weather is going, it’ll be June before I get to wear something like this. (Cue Olaf singing, “In Suuummmmmeeerrrrrr!”)

Spring Outfit 5

Guess I’ve got to hold on to all my outerwear, including winter coats. In March! This is quite unheard of. Goes to show that you’ve got to expect the unexpected.

In the meantime I’ll be keeping warm…

Winter Baby

… just 100x less cute than the picture above. (Source)

Stay cozy, people! Sending you love (and imaginary hot cocoa).


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