Pétrus by Gordon Ramsay, Knightsbridge

Since our Europe trip was a little like a second honeymoon, Edwin and I decided to spoil ourselves with lunch at the Michelin-starred Pétrus. We had dined at plenty of other nice establishments over the last couple of weeks, but this was by far the fanciest of the lot. Talk about livin’ it up in London!

Also, I feel like I need to clarify that the trip took place in the fall of 2014. No, I haven’t been in Europe recently, and no, we don’t feast like kings on a weekly basis. Although it’s been so long, the memories are somewhat fresh, and I really want to share the experiences with all of you.

I started blogging about the trip in November 2014, and apparently 2015 wasn’t enough time for me to tell you all about it. So not only am I one helluva procrastinator, I’m also long-winded and the worst storyteller. (Do people even use helluva anymore? Add “out-of-touch” to my list of charming traits.)

Okay, don’t doze off just yet! I’m wrapping the series up (soon-ish), and here are some pretty food pictures!

Petrus 1

Tomato Gazpacho. Incredibly tasty! It’s literally just a couple of spoonfuls, but it packed a lot of flavour.

Petrus 2

Complimentary bread, olive oil, and butter. There was some over-the-top ritualistic presentation when they served it, but I guess that’s what you’re paying for. Oh yes, and the bread tasted good too.

Petrus 3

Confit Shetland island salmon, bergamot emulsion and almond crumb. This is the description I’m least sure about, because the menu is seasonal and I may have checked at the wrong time. In any case, the salmon was delicious. Edwin raved about it, and he rarely gets excited about food.

Petrus 4

Cod brandade, chorizo, caper berries and seasonal leaves. A brandade is “an emulsion of salt cod and olive oil eaten in winter with bread or potatoes”. (Thank you Wikipedia!)

Petrus 6

Fillet of sea bream, cuttlefish, crushed potatoes, seared cucumber and red pepper jus. This was my main course. The textures were interesting and overall I quite enjoyed the dish.

Petrus 7

Wood pigeon, puy lentils, Alsace bacon and blood orange endive. Edwin actually bit on a tiny shot pellet. The restaurant staff told us that it’s more common than not to bite into one of these, since pigeons don’t come from farms and apparently it’s impossible to take every last pellet out without literally shredding the meat to pieces.

Okay, they didn’t say it in as many words (I’m long-winded, remember?). They basically shrugged it off, and I felt like it marred the experience a little. But hey, a souvenir!

Dessert time! We each picked an item from the set menu, and together we ordered one more from the à la carte menu, so there were three desserts in total.

Petrus 8

Chilled melon salad with lemongrass, vanilla, Regent’s Park honey and lavender ice cream. In one word: aromatic. The components read like notes of a perfume, and there was a lovely and refreshing balance of flavours.

Petrus 9

Salted caramel doughnuts, crème anglaise with chopped green apple, and cinnamon sugar. You know they had me at “salted caramel”.

Petrus 10

Chocolate sphere, milk ice cream and honeycomb. Unfortunately they served it too quickly and I didn’t have the opportunity to capture it while it was still in its spherical form. Two seconds for the Asian tourist to snap a food picture would’ve been nice, just sayin’.

Well, it tasted too good for me to stay mad. See, chocolate solves everything!

As usual, this turned out longer than I planned, so I’m calling it a day. Till next time!

1 Kinnerton Street, Knightsbridge, London, SW1X 8EA
Tel: +44 (0)207 592 1609



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