Salt Yard Tapas London

This was one of our last meals in London. I’m just going dive headfirst into the food commentary:


Patatas fritas with bravas sauce and alioli. Basically, “fried potato wedges with tomato sauce and mayo” in English, which doesn’t sound as sexy as its Spanish counterpart. But hey, it was delicioso, however you want to put it!


Risotto with salmon and tiny baby mussels. Actually, I’m not sure if those were actual baby mussels or just really tiny. Anyway, we ordered risotto partly because we were craving for rice, and I refused to pay 8 pounds (or some ridiculous price) for a plate of rice in Chinatown.


Sautéed chorizo, baby squid, and peas. Edwin isn’t particularly fond of chorizo, but I quite like it. Well, since he doesn’t care much for food, we usually order what I want. Hehehe…

If for some bizarre reason you decide to order just ONE item from the menu at Salt Yard, let it be this:


Courgette flowers stuffed with goat’s cheese and drizzled with honey.


To be honest, this has ruined all other courgette flowers for me. I’ve since tried similar dishes at a couple of other restaurants, but they couldn’t measure up to this. Not even close. Now I’m on a personal mission to eat every courgette flower in my path, like some intrepid cow with cutlery.

Salt Yard Tapas was recommended by Edwin’s colleague’s friend’s wife, so I figured it’d be a credible source. Well, we weren’t disappointed, so the moral of the story is to work that six degrees of separation as far as you can!

Salt Yard
54 Goodge Street, London W1T 4NA
Tel: 020 7637 0657


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