Burger & Lobster London

According to urban lore a.k.a. TripAdvisor, this is the dining spot to hit when in London. In fact, it’s considered sacrilege if you visit London and miss out on the glorious lobster. Unless you’re allergic to lobster, in that case I understand. Actually, I don’t really understand how allergies work, but I’m trying to be nice. And funny. Except I’m not. Funny, that is. I really am nice.

Joking aside, there is a huge deterrent between you and the scrumptious crustaceans – the insanely long queues. When we tried the Soho branch (which was nearest to our Airbnb appartment), we were told that the estimated wait time would be around 2 hours 45 minutes (?!?!).

The next day, we tried our luck at the Knightsbridge branch, and were seated right away – score! It helped that we had arrived around 6pm, ahead of the dinner crowds.




TIP: Always, always opt for steamed lobster over grilled. This ensures moist, juicy flesh and a slurptastic experience.


In case you want someone else to do the digging, the lobster roll is another delectable option. The bun was perfectly buttery with just the right amount of crisp. It may be calorie hell, but it tasted like heaven.

You know what really put it up there? The fries. Sure, the star of the dish was the lobster, but the fries weren’t shabby at all. It’s like being a supporting actor, but working real hard and gunning for Best Supporting Actor.

Also, there’s a salad! I don’t suppose you’d go into a burger and lobster joint with a desire to nibble on salad, but I really appreciated its presence. At least I could make a feeble attempt to feel healthy.

And this is the very last post of our European vacation! I hope you haven’t been bored to tears. The next post I’ve got planned is an exciting one, at least for me. After that, there’ll be more travel and dining posts, featuring Melbourne, Singapore, and of course, Hong Kong!

One last thing: how did the first people who ate lobster know that they were even edible? They must have been really hungry, and lucked out big time when these scary-looking creatures turned out to be delicious!

Burger & Lobster
Fifth Floor, Harvey Nichols,
London SW1X 7RJ



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