School Teacher Chic

As some of you may know, I’ve been teaching for years, and it’s something quite close to my heart. Some days it feels like the hardest job in the world (today being one of those days), but still it’s incredibly rewarding.

Another day, I may tell you some stories, both good and bad. Today, it’ll be a fun post, with some outfits created on Polyvore.

Art Teacher

Chic Art Teacher

English Teacher

Chic English Teacher

Ugh, I need to get my hands on those pretty pens!

History Teacher

Chic History Teacher

The past doesn’t have to be boring, especially with this retro-inspired number!

Mathematics Teacher

Chic Math Teacher

I might have gone too far with the theme, but hey, I’ve got to channel my inner #mathgeek whenever opportunity strikes.

Music Teacher

Chic Music Teacher

I’m so in love with this one, I might just buy everything. And I don’t even play the violin.

So how have you been? Weather in Hong Kong has been terrible, and I’ve have been under the weather for the past week. Some English phrases are rather strange, don’t you think? One cannot be literally under the weather. Well, like I tell my students, English is a strange language, but important nonetheless.

So anyway, it’s been cold, windy, foggy, and just dreary. My spring capsule wardrobe hasn’t really been put into action as I’m still bundled up in winter wear. (By the way, Uniqlo is a lifesaver, with their amazing coats and heat-tech clothing!) Can’t wait for warmer weather!


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