Sunday in Sai Ying Pun

So I read this article on foodpanda and was inspired/determined to explore Sai Ying Pun (SYP). Out of all the places listed, we managed to conquer a grand total of… ONE.

Awkward GIF

Instead of starting off at 9am as planned, it was around noon when we arrived at SYP. Oops.

20160221 Tram Stop

Waiting for the tram in the freezing cold.

20160221 Breakfast

Finally, we arrived at Opendoor Cafe & Courtyard. Sundays and all-day breakfasts go together like… bacon and eggs. That’s all I can think of right now.

20160221 BLT

BLT! ❤

20160221 Coffee


20160221 Chocolate

Hot chocolate. Questionable coffee art aside, the food and drinks were rather good!

After brunch, we headed upstairs to check out the art gallery, then back down to take a peek at the courtyard.

FYI, the “courtyard” mentioned in the article wasn’t much of either “court” or “yard”, just a tiny bit of semi-outdoor space. But in Hong Kong, where space is a luxury, I suppose we’ll take what we can get!

We did head to Eat My Cakes and Beans & Dough, but the former didn’t entice me to buy anything and the latter was closed that day. Bummer!

20160221 SYP

It was still a pleasant experience, although our stroll turned out to be quite a workout, with all those slopes and stairs to climb!

I spotted a number of cafes and restaurants that I’d love to try in the future, so we’ll definitely return to SYP, preferably on a warmer Sunday!

Opendoor Café & Courtyard – G/F 120 Connaught Rd, 3460 3880

Eat My Cakes – G/F, 21 Western St., Sai Ying Pun, 3480 8842

Beans & Dough – G/F 2a Second St, 2540 2833


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